Trial Kits

Pre conceived opinions about using cloth can sometimes be hard to shift without actually using the product for yourself. Here are some cost-friendly suggestions to try if you’re still unsure…

Totsbots - Trial Kits
  • Borrow a kit from your local Nappy Library: Nappy Libraries are organisations that lend nappy kits to parents wanting to try cloth before they invest. There are now over 109 nappy libraries up and down the U.K. – check out the map on to find out where your closest library is.
  • Why not try one of our Trial Kits? We offer trial kits in both ‘newborn’ size and ‘one size’ that enable parents to give cloth a go at any stage of their child’s development. The kits feature one of each of our best-selling nappies so that you can decide what nappy or combination of nappies work best for you.