Cloth nappy guide

Forget fiddly folds, pins, plastic pants and leaking bulky nappies, cloth nappies really have evolved.
Here's a breakdown of all you need to know.

  • All in One (AIO) Nappies

    All in One (AIO) Nappies

    An AIO might sound like a part in a computer chip, but it really is a lot less complex – it’s a one-piece nappy that is most like a disposable. It has a waterproof exterior and an absorbent core inside. There is no need for a separate waterproof cover and you don’t have to assemble nappy before you put it on. It also fits from birth to potty training (Yes! Don’t believe us? – read more below). Just add a stay dry liner and baby. Job done!

    The Easyfit Star (our AIO) is great for use during the day and with childminders and nurseries. The Teenyfit Star is our AIO for prem babies and twins.

    Pros -  Easy on, easy off, slim fitting & fast drying. Great for day-time!

    Cons – May need additional absorbent pads (boosters) for heavy wetters.

    Favourite with – Dads, child minders and superfast ninja nappy changes on wriggly babies 

  • Two Part Nappies

    Two Part Nappies

    Two part nappies are quite simply, nappies that are made up of two parts. The absorbent part (Bamboozle Stretch or PeeNut Pad) is laid or popped inside a waterproof shell (PeeNut wrap). Again, just pop in a stay dry liner and you are ready to go. Choose the Bamboozle, for unbeatable overnight performance and the PeeNut for slim fit nappies and faster drying times.

    Pros - Very absorbent, can last 12+ hours. Great containment. Perfect for night-time.

    Cons - Don’t forget the wrap! Bamboozles can feel very saturated when full, just speak to any sleep deprived parent who has forgotten and woken up to a slightly, soggy bottom – no leaks though!

    Perfect for -  Heavy-wetters, Parents with two in nappies.

  • Birth to Potty (B2P) Nappies

    Birth to Potty (B2P) Nappies

    ‘How can one nappy fit a newborn and a toddler?’ we hear you ask. Well, it’s simple! Poppers on the front enable you to make the nappy smaller so that they will fit most babies from 8/9lbs up until potty training at around 35lbs. In most of our ranges, Size 2 is our B2P size. Bear in mind the average waist measurement of a newborn is around 40 cm which only increases to around 55cm by the time potty training comes around. We use the best and most stretchy elastic, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit at all stages of your baby’s growth.

    B2P nappies can also save you big bucks in the long term – no need to buy different sizes each time your baby grows and you can even use them on multiple bums if you have more than one bubba in cloth – just change the popper setting!

    It is important that you do acknowledge that B2P nappies are a one size fits most, not a one size fits all. For those babies on the skinnier or chunkier side, we have our Size 1 and Size 3 nappies which are available in Bamboozle Stretch and Peenut Wrap. For really tiny babies, we recommend our Teenyfit Star which fits up to 12lbs.

  • Wrap


    Essentially the waterproof section of our 2 part nappy system  – the PeeNut wrap fits round your Bamboozle nappy, perfect for overnight use. During the day pop in our PeeNut pads to make up the two-part nappy system. 

    The wrap doesn’t need to be washed with every change, quite often a wipe down will suffice, making this a better option if you wish to cut down on washing slightly.

  • Boosters


    Our boosters are used when you need to make a nappy even more absorbent, maybe overnight. Our Bamboozle boosters pop easily into the Bamboozle stretch and the 3 in 1 PeeNut pad can be scaled up or down depending on the absorbency you need.  For example a newborn isn’t likely to need all three PeeNut pads, but an older baby who is sleeping through the night may benefit from a boost.  

  • Liner


    Liners make the job of disposing of the poo that bit easier! Pop a liner (either disposable or fleece) into the nappy before you put it on baby. When it is time to change just remove the liner and pop it in the bin. If you use a fleece liner, tip the poo down the loo and pop the liner in your nappy bucket and wash with your nappies, 

  • Laundry Tabs

    Laundry Tabs

    All of our nappies have laundry tabs so that the Velcro doesn’t get stuck together in the washing machine. Just remember to fold them back every time you change a nappy and they will wash up a dream! 

  • What will I need to get started?

    What will I need to get started?

    You need around 20-25 nappies in total to use TotsBots cloth nappies on a full time basis. This will cost around £200-£400. You don't have to go all or nothing as there are many ways to make the up front costs more manageable - just remember how much you will save in the long run by using cloth nappies instead of disposables. Disposables can end up costing as much as £1,500 so cloth nappies can really save you from throwing your hard earned cash in the bin, literally. Why not ask family members to help out by buying a cloth nappy as a baby gift?  Alternatively start off small and use one or two cloth nappies a day until you can gradully build up your stash for using cloth nappies on a full time basis. We have discounted Trial Kits available with code WTRIAL so you can give them a go for as little as £28.00 before investing in a full kit.