Because we love textiles almost as much as we love babies, we make sure to source only the best, most ethical and natural fabrics for our nappies. 

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Our Oeko-tex 100 certification is your guarantee that no harmful chemicals have been used in the TotsBots production process – from start to finish. We are the only nappy company in the world to have our whole range of nappies Oeko-tex certified – we are so bloomin’ proud of this and like to shout about it from time to time – it’s only natural, right?! ;)

We make our cloth nappies and accessories from several fabrics, each with its own unique properties. Read on for the tech-y part…

Bamboo fibre – Slim fitting and silky soft

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Almost as soft as a newborn baby’s bum and gorgeously squishy. You will want to hug one of our bamboo nappies when you touch it for the first time, believe us. 
Bamboo fibre is one of a new breed of ‘green’ man-made cellulose fibres. Like classic viscose, the cross section of bamboo fibre is covered in tiny micro holes giving superior absorption and breathability to cotton. It is also a highly sustainable resource, which grows without the need for agrochemicals and has a very short growth cycle. The processing is done within strict environmental guidelines according to ISO 9000 & 14000.

Microfibre – Quick dry, stay soft

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A little extra layer under the core to speed up drying times of your nappies - seriously helpful for the days when it’s too wet to dry them on the line.

A purely synthetic material, microfibre terry has one of the highest liquid retention capacities around. Superfine strands of polyester provide a much increased surface area to attract water molecules. Due to the unique way in which it absorbs, microfibre dries incredibly quickly. It also stays completely soft even after washing in hard water. The resulting nappy greatly reduces energy use in the home by negating the need for tumble-drying.

PUL – Polyurethanelaminate or ‘The Waterproof Bit’

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Our waterproof fabric is as good as it gets. Super soft polyester yarn is knitted to our specification and then coated with a state of the art waterproof membrane. The resulting cloth is super soft, super stretchy and really durable. Just perfect for making nappies and wraps.

Minkee – super-soft and fast drying

Totsbots - Fabrics

As snuggable as the name suggest; our absorbent minkee is made from a highly specialised, super fine micro-polyester yarn. This yarn is significantly thinner than standard microfibre yet it has a much higher number of individual fibres. The resulting fabric has a much higher surface area for liquid to cling to making it super absorbent. Minkee also retains its super-soft nature no matter how hard your water is. It is stain resistant and dries incredibly quickly. Just perfect for making our grab-n-go Happy Mats!