Why Cloth Nappies?

We think we make the best cloth nappies on the planet. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing and using reusables for your baby. Start off by reading our cloth nappy guide and be sure to watch our handy videos to see for yourself how easy TotsBots cloth nappies really are!

  • Cloth nappies are easy on your wallet
  • Cloth nappies are easy on you
  • Cloth nappies are easy on baby
  • Cloth nappies are easy on the Environment

Cloth nappies are easy on your wallet

Use cloth nappies and save yourself some money! Babies don’t come cheap, that’s for sure, and parents in the UK are spending upwards of half a billion pounds every year on disposable nappies – quite literally, throwing their money away! 

By using cloth nappies, we estimate that you can save up to £750 compared to the cost of using throwaway nappies and lots of local councils offer cashback incentives for parents who decide to use cloth nappies too! Check out if your local council have an incentive scheme to help towards the upfront cost of buying cloth nappies.

Cloth nappies are easy on you

Modern cloth nappies have an easy hook and loop fastening  meaning that they go on exactly like a disposable. They also have leak-proof seams for a soft, snug fit and super absorbent cores for great performance too. It's true, cloth nappies have zoomed into the 21st century with a super soft fluffy landing.

Washing cloth nappies? We’ve got it covered. After storing your used nappies inside a lockable, smell-proof bucket lined with a mesh bag; just simply remove the bag and chuck it into your machine, cloth nappies and all. Wash with non-bio powder at 60 degrees or less and you can even wash in with other washing. It’s as easy as that!

Cloth nappies are easy on baby

Using cloth nappies means there will be no VOC's, Dioxins, Tributyl Tin or Sodium Polyacrylate checmicals next to your bubba’s delicate bottom. Only high performing, natural fibres in sight! TotsBots cloth nappies are the only reusable nappy brand to be Oekotex 100 certified – meaning there are absolutely no harmful chemicals used in our entire manufacturing process, yup – from start to finish!

Using cloth nappies can help reduce nappy rash, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions and can in many cases encourage early potty-training. 

Cloth nappies are easy on the Environment

Did you know by using cloth nappies on your baby you will divert in the region of 4000 indisposable nappies from landfill?! Nappies that will still be around 500 years from now, we should add. Yes, that’s right, it is estimated to take around 500 years for one disposable nappy to decompose. If Henry VIII had been in disposable nappies, they would still be intact in a landfill somewhere near Hampton Court – now that stinks.

We should also mention that by giving cloth nappies a go you can 1/2 your weekly rubbish and your carbon footprint could be up to 40% smaller. Certainly beats a last minute dash to the shops for nappies at 3 in the morning!