Sarah Spragg, Arlove & Reuben

“I am mum to 4 children and wanted to use cloth nappies from the start but we didn't start our cloth journey until my 3rd child Arlove was born. I started with some preloved Fluffles and Easyfit V2s from TotsBots and wish I had done it sooner. They were much easier to use than I thought and as a nurse, poo didn't worry me! My hubby just left them in the nappy bucket for me to sort out later as that was our deal (Baby 2 in cloth and the deal still stands!). A couple of extra loads of washing each week isn't really noticeable as my machine is always on anyway and a line full of colourful Easyfits and Bamboozles is so beautiful. Reuben is 4 months old and has all his sisters hand me downs as well as some of his own. We are loving how Easyfit Stars fit him and how absorbent they are. Our current favourite is London from our Bargain Bucket as it reminds us of home. We have also used Bamboozles with Flexiwraps and Peenut Wraps, TotsBots Training Pants and Bloom & Nora. I have tried other brands but TotsBots remain my favourite and bulk of my nappy stash. I can honestly say I have saved money despite the need to buy all the pretty prints and love the fact that we have diverted 7000 nappies to landfill and counting!”