Lucy Tomlinson

"We've been using totsbots since birth - he's now nearly 11 months old!

I first came across the idea of cloth during real nappy week 2016, I was stressing over making sure we had all the "essentials" for our impending arrival and came across an article that listed cloth nappies as a "must have". After doing a bit of research, I loved the idea of all the cute prints I could get, and as we hadn't found out what flavour baby we were due - it gave me something practical the baby could wear that I could shop for before they arrived! I was also sold on sending less waste to landfill and doing our bit for the environment.

We use cloth full time, and particularly like supporting totsbots as a UK brand - we had teenyfits when he first arrived and now use AIOs during the day and bamboozles at night. We also love ALL the cute prints!"