Laura Ballantyne

"We choose to use cloth nappies to try and reduce our impact on the environment, it wasn't until we started to research them that we found out about all the amazing accessories and prints you could have too! We'd also heard about the scary chemicals in disposable nappies and were just not comfortable putting them so close to our new babies skin.

Once we knew how easy cloth nappies were these days we were completely sold. A neighbour and now great friend was using TotsBots stars and she was so passionate about them that we had to have a better look, thinking 'who could love nappies that much?!' Well it turns out we could! We love how easy the stars are for the day, and how absorbent the Bamboozles and Peenut wraps are overnight, but also how cute our little boy looks with a big cloth bum! They are great at containing everything, wash well, dry well and look FAB.

The fact they are made in Scotland too really impressed us! Speedy delivery, with no issues. I tell everyone who will listen, I couldn't recommend cloth and TotsBots enough!"