Kathryn Main

I was completely skeptical of using reusable sanitary protection when I first heard of it. I thought it sounded messy and not particularly hygienic. Embarrassingly, I was also worried about what other people might think – stupid really. However, I hate disposable alternatives. They made me feel so uncomfortable, I could never find anything that worked for me. The more I read into the waste that disposables have produced and also the disgusting chemicals that were present in them, the more I was convinced to give CSP a go – and I was not disappointed!

I have loved using Bloom and Nora. The Bloom pads have worked best for me as I love the natural bamboo core. They are so comfortable and I no longer have to suffer from skin irritation or discomfort. It’s also fantastic knowing that there are no nasty chemicals whatsoever in them. I was so surprised at my friends and boyfriend’s reaction when I told them I was using them, they thought it was a fantastic product, for the environment and for giving women an alternative choice to chemical-full disposable sanitary products. If I can help it, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using disposables.