Jennifer Ruddock

"Here's a picture of Henry in his Totsbots Peenut cloth nappy. 

I wanted to use cloth nappies mainly because I felt guilty about the amount of plastic waste going into landfill from disposable nappies. I also knew that it would be cheaper to use cloth, but in reality, the biggest advantage is not having to worry about buying nappies every week, or doing an emergency nappy shop in the middle of the night! 

I chose Totsbots because I read such good reviews about their products online. I did loads of research before Henry was born and I decided to try the Peenut pads and wraps. I love the fact that I don't have to wash the whole thing every time as the wraps can be reused. The pads are much less bulky than other two part nappies (so take up less space in the wash), but they're still just as absorbant.  They're soft on Henry's skin, they're so easy to use and they look really cute!"