Helen McHale

"This is a picture of me and my son William. 

We converted to cloth nappies when William was 6 months old as he became an Olympic wee-er over the nights about then and disposable nappies just did not contain his wee. I was changing all his night clothes including the sleeping bag and sheets 3 times a night. After doing some research I found that cloth nappies may be better than disposables in this situation due to their good absorbency all over meaning they can catch the wee of babies who sleep on their sides. The initial experience​ with the night nappies encouraged me to convert to cloth nappies during the day time as well, as the extra work load involved with washing and drying the nappies wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be. The ecological benefits of not contributing so much to land fill have also played a part too.

My friend recommended TotsBots and after reading the great reviews for the Bamboozle I bought some and we haven't looked back. I love the fact that the Bamboozle and TotsBots wrap system doesn't leak. I've not had to do a complete bed clothing change over night now for 3 months. We love the bright colours of the Bamboozles and wraps and the prints on the EasyFit Stars too, they are so cute and cheerful".