Gillian Anderson, Callan & Quinn

“I am a Mum of two boys who have both been cloth bummed by TotsBots. Callan, who is now 4 was in TBs after I bought them at a baby show and I loved them from the start. It was a sad day when I had to pack them away but they came out again for Quinn who is now 17 months. I love the prints and the ease of TotsBots nappies. Even my grandad thinks they're a genius idea and loves their design. High praise from an engineer who has seen 3 kids, 4 grandkids and now 3 great grandkids in cloth (my cousin uses them too for her 2 year old and will do with bump). My all-time favourite is Incy Wincy Spider. It came out when Callan started to speak and he used to sing and mime to it when we put it on and now Quinn does the actions too! My favourite style is the Bamboozle; it's utterly bomb proof. Amazing!”