Gemma and Cole

In recent years I've become much more aware of the chemicals we're exposed to daily. I decided when I was pregnant this time around to use cloth wipes rather than be rubbing disposables laced with chemicals on my new baby. Reusable nappies seemed daunting and maybe a step too far so I didn't really look into them.
It wasn't until I met a mum at my baby massage class that used reusable nappies that I thought more about it. She seemed so at ease with them so I started reading up on them.
I was shocked that there are carcinogens in disposable nappies. They don't come with an ingredients list do they! Also lots of figures kept popping up about how many nappies go into land fill each year and the number of trees cut down just to make them. It became clear I had to convert!

TotsBots were recommended to me so I bought a bamboozle, a blue peenut wrap and some peenut pads. Once I'd used them a little I realised the washing wasn't at all a problem. When I'd use disposable nappies when washing the TotsBots they would leak every time, it made me see how much better cloth nappies are!

I'm now a complete convert and recommend them to everyone! I've stuck with TotsBots because I know they work, they never ever leak, oh and I love all the prints so much!