Gemma and Ava

It was actually my husbands idea to use cloth nappies, he said it would save money and the environment but all I kept thinking was 'yes, but you're not the one who's going to have to wash the pooey nappies!'. I did some research myself and concluded that it probably would save us money compared with disposables and I was surprised to read that Mums of the cloth say that cloth nappy babies tend to potty train early. I also liked the idea that my baby's skin wouldn't be exposed to any chemicals. Ultimately, saving thousands of nappies from landfill swayed me and reluctantly I agreed. But I told him I would only use them at home as I didn't want to carry dirty nappies around with me when we were out.
8 months later and I'm a total convert! I even use them when we're out as I quickly learnt that quite a few places didn't have nappy bins so I was carrying around dirty disposables anyway, the wet bag works really well when we're out, I've never had any bad smells or leaks. At home we use a lidded bucket with a mesh bag, no handling soiled nappies, just pop the mesh bag straight into the washing machine every 2-3 days et voila!

We love the TotsBots EasyFit for daytime and the Bamboozle with Peenut wrap for night time. The EasyFit is so simple to put on, just pop in a liner and it goes on just like a disposable! I love that they're so slim fitting and the clever design of the bamboo core that folds out to speed drying time. During the winter we've had to dry them indoors and while I do try to allow them to dry on the line it's great that they can go in the tumble dryer if needed. The Bamboozles are super soft and so absorbent our baby is comfortable in one for 12 hours overnight.