Elizabeth Stanistreet

"My little boy Myles has been in cloth nappies since 6 weeks old (v chunky!). The most important factor for me was the chemicals etc. found in disposable nappies. The thought of what you put on your babies bottom is horrible! And then it all ends up in landfill for the next few generations! 

We used disposable nappies and wipes for the first few weeks following my c-section, and found Myles developed rash after rash. As soon as I was back on my feet I started with cloth: instantly the rash disappeared. 

Over the first few months I tried loads of nappies. I bought my first Easyfit Star before Xmas and loved it: no more leaks! As an early Xmas present we bought the bargain bucket, and have given all other nappies away. (Apart from bamboozles and wraps for night times!)

Thank you totsbots!"