Claire Hammond

“I’ve been using sanpro for a while now having heard about the benefits of them. I’ve tried a few different brands with varying success. A bit like nappies, there were some I preferred over others with Tots Bots being a favourite! So when I found out they were planning to launch sanpro, I couldn’t wait to try them.

So far I’ve tried the Bloom midi pads. Not only is it pretty (pink and black!), it was super soft and comfortable to wear. I also loved the positioning of the tabs to hold it in place. This is one of my biggest bug bears with other brands that can move around but this one stayed in place perfectly. It was also super thin, yet absorbent, so you didn’t feel like you were wearing a nappy!

I washed at 40 per the instructions and it came out stain free and dried super quick. I’ll def be buying more!”