Claire Hammond & Martha

“I am Mum to 3 children now 10, 7 & 3. I ventured my way into cloth bumming with my youngest child Martha, now 3. A difficult pregnancy, much of it sofa/bed ridden left me with too much time on my hands and I started researching cloth nappies. Having had 2 children before, I was well aware of just how many nappies you get through and the cost of buying them, never mind the impact on the environment so thought I’d look for alternatives.

Initially I tried a few different brands, all on recommendation from friends, but very quickly settled on TotsBots. Before I knew it, my stash had grown from a small handful to around 100 nappies! I chose TotsBots mainly down to the fit and absorbency but also for the fab prints. I became obsessed with matching outfits to nappies! Of course I dealt with scepticism initially, including from my husband, but even he was soon converted when he realised just how easy they were to use. My parents also happily used them whenever they were babysitting. I have a whole mixture of versions but my favourites were V2’s for absorbency and some great prints (Cherryliscious being my all time fave) and V3’s for how slim they are. I was thrilled when the V4 came out combining the best bits of both!”