Caragh and Fox

"I am super duper new to cloth but wanted to tell you how we're getting on. I'd originally decided to go down the cloth route from an environmental and financial perspective however in the short eight weeks I've been using cloth I am so much more in love with them. We're currently using a combination of Tots Bots teeny fits in the V4 and the Star and they are simply fantastic. Whilst my one use nappy friends talk of multiple nappy changes and poop explosions meaning full outfit changes as a regular occurrence we can frequently go full days without an outfit change as the containment is so great. We started off with disposable liners but I moved to the fleece teenyfit liners after a fortnight and enjoy those much more as we're not having to pick out the disposable before putting in the pail, and my son Fox's nappy rash cleared up straight away when we moved to the fleece. What was a practical solution has now become so much more, my husband was a little wary of cloth for days out and nights away but is now an advocate for cloth too, we love the prints (I've now started buying corresponding books to the prints haha), and the fit is great. Plus Fox looks flipping adorable in them! We're just starting to build a stash for when he grows out of the newborn size and I'm gradually adding to our easyfit stars collection. Another aspect I like is that I'm supporting a local business - I'm in Gourock so not faraway at all from Tots Bots HQ."