Refer a Friend FAQs

Refer a Friend FAQs

How does your refer a friend scheme work? 

If you introduce someone new to the fluffy world of TotsBots, you’ll both get rewarded!

Share your personalised offer code with friends by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or simply by using your name (we’ll use your email address to verify your friend has the right person!). 

After they’ve placed their first order at, we’ll email you a thank you reward. Take a look at the current reward on offer at 

I referred my friend to you but didn’t get a reward. Why is this?

Oh no! The first thing to do is check that they placed their order with us after you referred them and that they redeemed their unique offer code. Secondly, check if they’re a new customer. Our rewards are only available if your friend is brand new to 

I’ve been referred to TotsBots by a friend who said I can enter their name to get an offer. How do I this? 

On our basket page, click the link near the voucher code box that says "Been referred by a friend?".

Once you've confirmed the friend who referred you, you’ll be emailed an offer code. You can then enter this code in the voucher code box when you check out your next order. 

I entered my friend’s name and it didn’t work. Why is this?

This could be down to a few reasons: 

Your friend hasn’t registered for the refer a friend scheme.

You’re using a different spelling or a nickname to the one they registered with. 

More than one person with that same name is in our system. If this is the case, please ask your friend for their email address and use this method to verify we have the correct person. 

I’ve referred someone. How do I know whether they’ve bought anything and whether I’ve got a reward? 

After someone’s been successfully referred and their first order has been dispatched by our lovely warehouse team, you’ll get a reward email from

How long will it take before I get my referral code? 

Rewards will be validated and confirmed to the referrer as best as we can within a week of the referred friend/new customer purchase, provided the referred friend's purchase is not cancelled or changed.

I only see a pop-up with “We’re sorry! There’s a delay processing your reward”

Please bear with us, we’re checking your details and will update you by email on the progression of your referral application. 

How long will a referrer be allowed to share an offer after they first enrol? 

A referrer has 3 months from signing up to refer friends into the scheme and claim rewards. After this, any sharing links shared by a referrer to their friends may not provide the friend with the incentive they were originally promised. 

How long do new referees have to claim their reward? 

When a brand new customer is given their welcome reward code, they have 14 days to use it.

How long do referrers have to claim their reward?

Once a new customer has made their first purchase, the friend who referred them has 6 months to claim their thank you reward.

Is there a limit on the number of friends that I can refer? 

You can refer as many friends as you like, but a maximum of 10 thank you codes can be claimed.