Our Story

Meet husband and wife team, Magnus and Fiona Smyth – the force behind the TotsBots brand who have built the business literally from the kitchen table up! They developed their original reusable nappy prototype 19 years ago, shortly after the birth of their second child Maia. Watch our short movie about why we love doing what we do HERE.

Smyth Family

‘Having used disposables with our first child, we understood the convenience but didn’t want to go down that route again.  We believed that using reusable nappies were preferable not only due to their positive impact on the environment but also to our wallets!  That said, we were less than impressed with the selection available on the market.’

So, armed only with an old towel and a sewing machine, Fiona took to the kitchen table and began to design the first TotsBots reusable nappy. Once her design was finalised, she took the bold step of ordering a 50m roll of toweling and set to work developing prototypes to be tested by friends and family. Overwhelmed by the response, TotsBots was born and the first retail orders were taken.  The business picked up pace and it wasn’t long before Magnus gave up his job to help-out and the kitchen was quite literally full of fluff.

In 2003, TotsBots revolutionized the industry by developing an eco-friendly and ultra-performing reusable nappy, made from one of the most sustainable plants, bamboo. The ‘Bamboozle’ was the first ever reusable nappy to win the Mother and Baby Gold Award. It has gone through a few facelifts since then, but it is still one of our best-selling nappies to date.

19 years on and TotsBots has grown substantially from those days in the kitchen! Still a family run business based in the East End of Glasgow, we are immensely proud that all our nappies are made in the UK by a bunch of very talented people who are committed to bringing you the most cutting edge cloth nappies in terms of fabric, design and performance.

Product development and innovation is key to our success and we consistently bring out new and updated products; the EasyFit STAR, the PeeNut System and the TeenyFit STAR to name a few!  We have been lucky enough to have had a steady stream of TotsBots testers, two more babies for Fiona and Magnus and a number of staff who have ‘cloth bummed’ their kids using TotsBots.

Take a peek inside our factory and see why we love doing what we do WATCH NOW 

We continue to grow and now sell in over 30 countries worldwide, however our core values remain the same –  

  • To continue to produce products that push the boundaries of the reusable nappy industry with their innovative design and performance.
  • To produce all of our products with ethically sourced raw materials, plastic products etc. It is of the utmost importance to us here at TotsBots that our products are produced in a fair way. A happy workforce always makes the best products.
  • To manufacture our nappies, wraps and accessories at our own factory in the UK. In our current economic climate we feel it is important to employ and train people in need of work. A couple of factories have recently closed in Glasgow and we are delighted to have been able to add some highly qualified machinists to our team. It is nice to be one of the few growing manufacturing businesses in the UK. Read more about our production, including overseas production here.
  • To keep our carbon footprint as low as possible when it comes to production, packaging and shipping and work with local businesses wherever we can. 
  • To spread awareness of the benefits of using reusable nappies not only to the environment, but to parents and baby.