• Disposable Liners (2 pack)
  • Disposable Liners (2 pack)

Disposable Liners (2 pack)


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Two rolls of 100 disposable, biodegradable liners. An essential for any cloth nappy collection - makes poo disposal easier and helps prevent staining.

*Excluded from promotions and discounts.

Getting rid of poo has never been easier with our biodegradable paper liners:

  • When ready to change just lift the liner to dispose easily of any waste
  • Helps to prevent staining
  • Ideal for when you are out and about
  • Loved by grandparents, childminders and nurseries
  • Contents: 2 rolls of 100 disposable liners
  • Each liner is 14.5cm by 29cm
  • Please do not flush
  • Avoid vinegar, sodium bicarbonate and other harsh stain removers.

  • Do not use fabric softener or oil based products (if using barrier cream, use a liner).

  • Line dry or tumble dry on a cool setting.

  • Prewash nappy before use. Bamboo will need approx. 10 washes to reach full absorbency.

  • Wash at 40 degrees for wet, 60 degrees for soiled with non bio powder.

  • Wash dark colours separately.

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