• Bloomers Whole Kit
  • Bloomers Whole Kit
  • Bloomers Whole Kit
  • Bloomers Whole Kit
  • Bloomers Whole Kit
  • Bloomers Whole Kit

Bloomers Whole Kit


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Our full kit contains everything you need, from the smaller midi pads for normal days to mighty pads for heavy flow or overnight use. So, when Aunt Florence settles in, rest assured we've got you covered!

Contents: 2 Midi , 6 Maxi, 2 Mighty Bloomers reusable pads, 1 Bathroom bag and 1 'Out and About' bag.

Reusable Sanitary Pad

Keeping you well protected through every stage of your period, our fluffy pads are super absorbent with no nasty chemicals.

The kit also comes with a matching waterproof bathroom bag to store your pads until wash-day, designed with a detachable popper strap so it can be hung up on hooks or rails away from nosey parkers!

  • More absorbent than disposable pads
  • Super soft, natural and absorbent bamboo interior
  • Waterproof exterior (underside of pad)
  • Stay-dry edges to stop leaks
  • Oekotex certified 
  • Popper tabs to keep in place
  • Contoured slim fit
  • Kit comes with waterproof bathroom bag and 'out and about' bag.
  • Made in Great Britain
  • No fabric softeners; they will reduce their absorbency.

  • No harsh stain removers; they may cause irritation and can damage the waterproof membrane.

  • Wash in non bio at 40 and tumble cool.

  • Washing Your Pads: Rinse in cold water immediately after use to stop stains setting. Store in waterproof bathroom bag and wash within 48 hours.

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