About Bloom & Nora

Inspired by Amelia Bloomer, the early American feminist and supporter of the Victorian Dress Reform, we too are encouraging women to have a cycle in comfort and style. Our pads are ethically made right here in the UK by our dear sister, TotsBots.

Totsbots - About Bloom & Nora

With the help of an extremely eager (and large!) group of product testers, we created two core product ranges and accessories.


Perfect for those who prefer natural fabrics, our bold and beautiful bamboo pads brighten dreary period days. The unique stay-dry binding is the ultimate barrier against leaks and keeps everything in the absorbent bamboo core. We have four sizes to meet every shape and flow: mini, midi, maxi and mighty. 

Whilst our reusable pads are more absorbent than disposables and should last that bit longer, we recommend changing mini, midi, and maxis every four to six hours. Our mighty pads are designed to see you through the night. Simply hand-rinse in cold water immediately after use and wash within 48 hours.


If bright white pads are your cup of tea, then Nora reusable sanitary pads are for you. Their stay-dry interior draws wetness away from the surface, and the high-tech fabric repels stains to keep them looking in tip-top condition for years to come. Simply hand-rinse in cold water immediately after use and wash within 48 hours. The unique core also makes them suitable for light incontinence, so you can sneeze with confidence. Choose from five sizes for every shape and flow: liner, mini, midi, maxi and mighty. 

Waterproof Bathroom Bag

Understandably, the question we’re most often asked is “what do I do with my used pads?”. We recommend keeping your soiled pads in this lovely little zipped waterproof bag. You just pop the whole thing in the wash with your pads (opened of course) and they will tumble out refreshed and ready to go for another cycle.

Out & About bag

Once you’re fully into the swing of things with your pads, use this clever little bag as your travel companion when out and about. With two separate waterproof compartments for used and unused pads, you can safely carry up to four pads on the go. Simply wash with your soiled pads and reuse.