Why use cloth nappies?

Why use cloth nappies

A journey following 2 years of using cloth nappies

Back in 2018 we met Laura and Donald on the set of our Why Choose Cloth Nappies? film. We were keen to catch up with parents who were considering cloth nappies to find out what questions they needed the answers to that would give them the confidence to get started.

Two years after filming our Why Choose Cloth Nappies? film we caught up with Laura to find out how her journey with cloth nappies was going. Here’s what she had to say…

Tell us a bit about how you're getting on with cloth nappies now Donald is a toddler?

I still love using them. The Velcro fastenings are great because now that he is bigger I have them on a looser setting and they fit perfectly. He is 2 and a half now. I love the way that the nappies look on, especially the Bamboozles. They are so soft and comfortable; disposables feel so rough and plastic now compared to mine!

How would you describe your perception of cloth nappies from your initial trial to now?

Totally different! They are so much easier to use than I thought they would be. I worried about the washing and thought they would become stained and possibly leak. It's totally different from what I thought because they are all still looking lovely and fresh and they rarely leak. Any time I do use disposables, they often do leak. Keeping up with the washing is a lot easier than I thought too and you get into a routine with it. I work full time now, and it's no bother at all.

How often do you use cloth nappies?

I use them every day- EasyFits during the day and Bamboozles at night.

Does anyone else change his nappy? What are their thoughts?

Yes, my parents look after him 3 days a week and a childminder 2 days. My childminder loves them and wishes she had used them with her own children. I have the TotsBots wet/dry nappy change bag, so I send away fresh nappies in the morning and the wet and dirty ones come back in the wet pouch and any remaining clean ones in the dry pouch. My parents love cloth nappies and have a supply that they keep at their house. My Mum is from the terry towelling and nappy pin generation, and she thinks these are so easy to use and clean in comparison.

Do you wish you started sooner?

Definitely. I wish I'd used them sooner and with my first son. If I did have another baby, I would use them from birth.

Do you notice less waste/bin emptying since you moved to cloth nappies?

Yes! Definitely less waste, it feels good not to be filling the bin with disposable nappies every day.


What about comfort? Does Donald have less red marks and nappy rash?

Yes, he doesn't really have a nappy rash with the cloth nappies. On the occasions, we have had to use disposables when we have been on holiday and we haven't had a washing machine I noticed he was a lot redder and he had quite a bad rash. We hadn't brought nappy cream as we don't really use it, so we had to go to a pharmacy for some. I was glad to get him home and back into cloth!

Would you say you've made any cost savings even from starting cloth nappies later?

Yes, even though Donald was an older baby when we started, he has still been using them for over a year, so it has definitely been worth it. If he is like his brother, he probably won't toilet train for another 6 months, so we have had great use out of them.

What sort of comments do you get about using them?

Most people comment on how cute they look. I usually get asked is it hard work with the washing, but I always say in reality it's no more complicated than emptying your bins and taking them in and out! It's oddly satisfying getting them all washed and dried. People ask about the poo, but it's no worse than changing a disposable one, it's just a rinse wash, and they come out good as new. People are usually very positive because they are so good for the environment.

How do you find the washing and upkeep of using them?

I find it a lot easier than I expected it to be. I never have to worry about running out of nappies, and once you get into the routine of washing and drying, it's straightforward. I don't have a tumble dryer, and I hang them up inside during the winter. There is nothing worse than realising you've run out of nappies, I haven't had that at all with the cloth nappies.

Have cloth nappies encouraged you to make any other eco-friendly choices?

I now use reusable wipes too, and these are a revelation! They are so much better for cleaning dirty nappies. Because everything I use is reusable, including liners, everything goes straight into the nappy bucket together, and I don't have to separate out the dirty wipes from the nappy. I also have reusable hand and face wipes which are great too.

What will you do with your nappies once Donald is potty trained?

I will keep them until I know there won't be a baby 3! Then I might sell them as they are in such good condition. I might not be able to part with my favourite ones, though! (Scamp and Pippin)

I am so so proud to use cloth nappies! I tell everyone about them! In particular, I am proud that TotsBots are made in Scotland.

I am a huge advocate now too. My husband and I have taken them into work to show people who are expecting a baby because they have asked about them and I've given demonstrations. People usually ask about them because of their lovely patterns and bright colours. I took them on holiday to Belgium (where we had a washing machine!), and people were asking about them there too. I tell anyone who will listen and so do the grandparents and childminder!

It is so lovely to hear what a positive experience Laura has had with TotsBots, especially as she was hesitant at the start. If like Laura you would like to start using cloth nappies but have a few questions you want answering, check out our mini movie HERE and remember that even switching just one nappy a day to cloth will reduce the amount of waste in your bin. To try cloth nappies today and start your own journey, check out our range of nappies here.

Why use cloth nappies