Why do I need swim nappies?

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Boy splashing in water using a swim nappy

Using swim nappies is a must if you’re considering taking baby for a splash at the local pool.

Swim nappies are the sports centre saviour - keeping accidents contained and catching those poos before they make it into the water. Whereas regular nappies are designed to be totally absorbent, swim nappies are 100% breathable so they don’t get water-logged or weigh baby down. Smart!

We know swim nappies aren’t your only consideration when taking baby to the pool, though. If you thought leaving the house to go the local park was a military operation, you might want to read on…

Be prepared!

To ensure a fun time is had by all (including you!), it’s worthwhile making sure baby’s in the right frame of mind before heading out for a swim. Time it so that your little one isn’t hungry or tired before they go for an energetic splash about in the pool.

Bring supplies

We’ve compiled a handy list of must-haves for a trip to the local leisure centre, so you can enjoy your time (and not drive home underwear-less):

  • Coins for a locker
  • Reusable swim nappy (to catch any number 2s)
  • Your own swimsuit (or underwear if you’ve put your swimsuit on under your clothes)
  • A favourite bath time toy so baby makes a positive association with swim time
  • Happy mat to keep changing times cosy and comfortable
  • A towel (for you)
  • Waterproof Nappy bag for your used nappies
  • Baby poncho or dressing gown to keep your teeny tot warm and snug
  • Reusable nappy to change into after swimming
  • Extra clothes (just in case)

Tips for a stress-free swim sesh

Our lovely community over on Facebook (join here) always have great advice - here are their tips for a stress-free swim sesh:

  • Bring a onesie for bubba; less hassle in a tight changing room
  • Bring a snack for baby and you on the way home - swimming takes energy!

Why choose TotsBots Reusable Swim Nappies?

TotsBots washable swim nappies have been designed with baby in mind to ensure comfort and reliability. We’re also the first ever nappy company to make our nappies from recycled plastic bottles so our environmental credentials are top of the leaderboard!

Easy velcro-style hook & loop fastening

No fiddling with poppers and a quicker change for you when baby is wriggly and slippery!

The adjustable waistband also ensures a good fit and will grow with your baby while keeping anything that happens in the swim nappy…in the swim nappy.

Gentle leg elastic

Delicate on the baby’s skin, the stretchy fit helps keep your tot comfortable and prevents chaffing, both in and out of the water.

Soft fleece Interior

The fleece liner doesn't absorb water, so your little one can enjoy learning to swim without being weighed down.

Fabric & care

After a fun swim class, throw the swim nappy into the wash at 40 degrees with non-bio powder. Once clean, pop on your washing line or tumble dry on a cool setting.

Ready to get your little one feeling at home in the water? 

Dive into a swimming routine and check out our colourful swim nappies now.

We love seeing your little ones rocking their new TotsBots, so remember to tag us at @totsbots, and we’ll share the splashiest ones on our socials.

Boy splashing in water using a swim nappy