Why Cloth nappies are the best choice for your baby’s skin

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Why Cloth nappies are the best choice for your baby’s skin

Keeping your baby’s bum a chemical free zone with cloth nappies

Using cloth nappies isn’t usually the first thing that springs to mind when you think about looking after your baby’s skin. You tend more to think about avoiding perfumed baby lotions, bubble baths, scented wash powder and so on. However on the 23rd January, The Guardian ran an article shaming disposable nappies for containing harmful chemicals, and it came as a bit of a shock for parents everywhere:

French researchers say they have discovered traces of dangerous chemicals in babies’ disposable nappies in the first study of its kind worldwide’

When you buy any product for your child the last thing you are thinking is that it will contain harmful chemicals or worse could cause your child health issues. It makes no sense that any company would create something designed for a baby containing such things but they do.

In the report 23 samples of nappies were tested, all were well-known brands and available for sale in France between 2016 and 2018. Some of the nappies tested claimed to be ‘ecological’ yet contained ‘certain substances thought to pose a risk.’

The report found about 60 chemicals including glyphosate found in weed killer and a whole host of chemicals that have been banned in the European Union for more than 15 years. Many of the chemicals found could migrate through urine and enter into prolonged contact with babies skin. No wonder they have been banned!

With cloth nappies you get exactly what you would expect, a nappy that is simply made of cloth, ready to use, wash, dry and use again. What’s more, TotsBots are the only cloth nappies to have their own Oekotex 100 certificate, this is your guarantee that there are absolutely no harmful chemicals next to your bubba’s delicate bottom.

Don't take the risk; make the switch to cloth nappies! Better for baby’s bottoms, the environment and your wallet.

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Why Cloth nappies are the best choice for your baby’s skin