What are the benefits of Cloth nappies?

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Baby wearing a stripy reusable nappy from Totsbots

What are the benefits of Cloth nappies? 

Here at TotsBots, we believe in shouting from the rooftops the benefits of cloth nappies, but we understand that if you’re new to the cloth world, it can be difficult to navigate what the benefits are and how they are going to make your life easier when it comes to your little one.


Cloth nappies save you money

Did you know, parents in the UK are spending upwards of half a billion pounds every single year on disposable nappies? By switching to TotsBots reusable nappies, you’ll save up to £750 per child! Reusable nappies also hold their value, so not only can you use them for all the babies in the family, you can also sell them on once you no longer need them.


They are reliable

Reusable nappies keep poo contained where it’s meant to be – inside the nappy. We have heard horror stories of poo explosions when using disposable nappies. Not only are you then having to change the nappy, you’re also likely having to change an entire outfit. Cloth nappies prevent any leaks or poonamis because of their snug fit, so you can feel secure when your out and about with your little one.


Better for your babies delicate skin

Nappy rash and sore red bums seem to be something people just expect with a baby in a nappy, but with cloth nappies that simply isn’t the case.

When you start to think about why your baby’s bottom is so red what do you usually think has caused it? Are you worried they have been in the nappy too long or are you putting it down to teething? The fact is it’s more likely to be the sheer amount of chemicals that are in a disposable nappy. The soft, sensitive skin of babies is prone to rashes and allergic reactions due to these chemicals.

In TotsBots cloth nappies there simply are no chemicals, just soft Bamboo fluffiness to keep your babies bottoms soft and protected from nasties.


Planet friendly

Switching to reusable nappies won’t just save your pennies, it’ll help save the planet. And we think that’s worth its weight in gold. Did you know that disposable nappies take up to 500 years to decompose and that so-called “bio-degradable” nappies don’t actually break down in landfill. We think that stinks, especially when you realise that babies will have approximately 6,000 nappy changes by the time they’re potty trained.


Your little one will be comfortable

With the stretchy leakproof waist, super soft and absorbent bamboo core, our nappies are soft and gentle next to your baby’s delicate skin. The stay dry zones in our nappies also means that liquid is kept away from baby’s mum, keeping them feeling nice and dry.


With our Black Friday sale in full swing, now is the perfect time to get started on your cloth nappy journey, or if you’re a cloth convert already, why not stock up on cloth nappies at a mighty bargain of a price? Shop 55% off (almost) everything at


Baby wearing a stripy reusable nappy from Totsbots