What to wear with Wimblebum!

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Wimbledon is in full swing and the weather is hotting up so we hope your little ones are getting ready to flash some summertime fluff!!

We recently launched Wimblebum, a special edition print inspired by the Great British tennis championships, alongside two awesome new stripey Stretchies; Buzz and Berry, making flashing your fluff this summer so much more fun! It’s one of the best things about using cloth nappies, right? ;)

If you have a trendy tot with a cloth bot then look no further for the perfect Wimblebum picks.  Pair with a t-shirt, a hat and plenty of sunscreen and show off that fluffy bum!

Our picks (clockwise from top): Strawberry knot hat from Busy Peas, Smafolk strawberry t-shirt from Juicytots, Tennis t-shirt from Zara, Bee vest from Kyna Boutique and Bee t-shirt from Maxomorra.