Valentine's Day - ways to celebrate even if you're pregnant or have a newborn

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The shops are full of pink hearts and red roses, boxes of chocolates piled high down the aisles and your inbox is full of restaurants reminding you to book a table for two soon to avoid disappointment. Valentine's Day can be quite a different experience once you have taken the plunge into parenthood and a romantic night out may be off the cards this year (and maybe next). That doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic though and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the day with a bump or baby in tow.

If your due date is fast approaching and you want to stay close to home then why not think about a candlelit dinner for two on the dining table. You can sneakily order a curry (extra hot if you are ready to serve a mini eviction notice) and serve it up pretending it is all homemade. Treat yourself to fancy cake or ice cream and switch off all devices for a few hours.

If you have a teeny tiny one then there is no reason that you can’t still go out for dinner.  Choose a restaurant with plenty of space and bring baby along in his pram.  Most newborns sleep well with a lot of background noise.

You may want to celebrate Valentine's Day with all your loves, the big and the little so why not try something crafty during the day. Even little babies can get involved and we love this idea from Red Ted Art - no matter what age your little loves are they can make something beautiful.

Try to spend some time together to appreciate your relationship without the children around. Clean bed sheets and a film cuddled in bed, a walk hand in hand on your lunchbreak or a game of Scrabble maybe. Put the children to bed a little early and remember what you love about each other.

If you want the perfect gift then why not think about what your partner would really appreciate, the little things that don’t cost money (and definitely encourage him to do the same in return) – a bath in peace, a lie in, their favourite meal, a foot massage. Make each other vouchers or a list of things to do that week to show your love.

However you spend Valentine's Day, whether your baby is safely still inside or tucked up in bed with a cherub nappy on, enjoy the loves of your life.