Using Cloth Nappies on a Budget

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Using cloth nappies on a budget
When finances are stretched thin (and we’re all debating which streaming service to ditch) you might not think it’s possible to get hold of cloth nappies on a budget. Although disposable nappies are often seen as the default cheap option, cloth nappies work out a LOT cheaper in the long term.
Starting out
In the time it takes to potty train your tot, the average spend on disposables is £1875, whereas a set of new reusable nappies will cost you £400* in comparison! Cloth nappies on a budget? You betcha.
But if you don’t have the money to buy a complete set up front, there are ways to save.
Humble Beginnings
We’re no strangers to frugal living here at TotsBots – the very first cloth nappy was hand-made by founder Fiona at her kitchen table in Glasgow after buying some terry squares at a car boot sale.
Our TotsBots cloth nappies have come a long way since then, but they’re still lovingly hand made in Glasgow. Great quality doesn’t have to mean expensive though, and if you’re looking for ways to save, read on to find out how to get cloth nappies on a budget.
We’ve gathered some tips from experienced cloth nappy users over on our Facebook group [link Behind the Seams] and thrown in some TotsBots HQ wisdom for good measure.
Tip 1: Buy second hand
TotsBots cloth nappies are made by hand and designed to last. When cared for correctly, the nappies will outlast most potty-training journeys; ready for the next one (and the one after, and the one
after!). Check out second-hand sites like Gumtree and eBay for preloved cloth nappy listings.
Tip 2: Check out second-hand shops
Second hand shops provide a great service and make it easy to be more sustainable. Keep an eye out for pre-loved cloth nappies at fraction of the cost of buying new.
Tip 3: Local Councils
Nicola Best, one of our TotsBots mums, had this advice; “Find out if your local council has a cash incentive. Our council gave us £100 per child to use cloth nappies it really helped to get us going! Also, you can buy seconds - great quality and a good bit cheaper.”
Tip 4: Be creative!
When TotsBots mum Sarah Vant Duffy was asked about gift ideas, she knew exactly what to ask for, “We asked for cloth nappies for baby shower gifts! My sister had given me everything else we needed from when my nephew was a baby. We didn’t really need to buy any extras (although I will confess to adding to our stash whenever new prints are released!)”
Tip 5: Use Nappy Libraries
One of the best ways to get started in cloth nappies is by using a nappy library. TotsBots mum Laura Graham says, “Check your local nappy library as some have free long term loan kits, cotton terries really do last birth to potty and also make your own cloth wipes, that will save waste and money.”
Tip 6: Shop our Offers page
There you have it – proof you can get cloth nappies on a budget! Check out our Offers page for great prices on second quality nappies, kits and more!
Using cloth nappies on a budget