Using Cloth Nappies on a Budget

Using Cloth Nappies on a Budget

Round up of our best advice and tips to using cloth nappies on a budget

So you want to use cloth nappies on a budget but don't know where to start, well you have come to the right place. You may not know this but the idea that kick-started TotsBots came from a pack of Boots terry squares bought at a car boot sale in spring 2000 so we do consider ourselves to be experts on the subject. We have also gathered the best tips and advice from our behind the seams facebook community and popped in some ideas from the team for good measure.

Have you considered buying cloth nappies second hand? Our nappies are so well designed and made that if they are well looked after they can be used for more than one child. We actually know TotsBots that have been passed around friends and families and are now on their 5th or 6th bum! This means there is a really buoyant second hand market for our nappies, so check out Gumtree and Ebay for people selling their preloved cloth nappies. Only last month our local Facebook sales and wants page had someone giving all their cloth nappies away!

Or is there a preloved shop near you? We have a great place in Glasgow near us called Merry Go Round which sells second hand children’s things for great prices, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for preloved cloth nappies near you. It’s also really good for the environment to buy second hand as it reduces your consumption and your environmental footprint.

What our mum’s also recommend:

Nicola Best “Find out if your local council has a cash incentive. Our council gave us £100 per child to use cloth nappies it really helped to get us going! Also, you can buy seconds - great quality and a good bit cheaper.”

Sarah Vant Duffy We asked for cloth nappies for baby shower gifts! My sister had given me everything else we needed from when my nephew was a baby. We didn’t really need to buy any extras (although I will confess to adding to our stash whenever new prints are released!)

Laura Graham “Check your local nappy library as some have free long term loan kits, cotton terries really do last birth to potty and also make your own cloth wipes, that will save waste and money”

This is great advice from our TotsBots mum’s, proof there is a great community using cloth nappies out there ready to help you.

If you are keen to make the switch to cloth nappies full-time check out our nappies here

Maybe it’s the case that for various reasons you just aren’t able to make the switch to using cloth nappies full-time, but you are still keen to reduce your household contribution to landfill and your single use plastic. If that is the case you could just try one of our half price trial kits here and have a couple of nappies just to use in the house. The benefit of having one or two cloth nappies at home is you will never run-out!

Using Cloth Nappies on a Budget