Travelling with cloth nappies

Travelling with cloth nappies

Our handy hints for fuss-free packing. Go lighter and smarter with Bamboozle cloth nappy system.

For some of us, the thought of travelling with a baby immediately fills the mind with visions of enormous suitcases, rammed roof boxes and the temptation of swapping out your beloved cloth nappies for disposables creeps in. We get that the last thing you want to do is look for washing facilities in between sunbathing on the beach or exploring the great outdoors but using cloth nappies for both weekend breaks and weeklong holidays isn’t as impractical as it seems.

Whether you’re jetting off abroad or cruising by car, nobody wants to be filling half their allowance with their entire cloth nappy stash. With the TotsBots Bamboozle system, you can carry less, and washing is less of a question mark. We promise you won’t have to sacrifice your favourite items or spend a day in the nearest launderette in order to serve your baby's fluffy bum requirements. Here’s why…

The simple two-part system is absorbent and lightweight but with minimum bits to carry, meaning you can successfully cloth bum while staying footloose and fancy-free even away from home. A few waterproof wraps and a selection of absorbent pads takes up less room than a weeks’ worth of disposables and won’t leave you feeling like a packhorse. Its easy pee-sy to change on the go too. Simply pop out the used pads, give the waterproof wrap a quick wipe if you need to, then pop in a fresh fluffy clean pad…and you’re good to go again.

Now for the washing…We recommend washing every couple of days so you can enjoy a weekend break knowing your dirty cloth nappies can be safely stored and take up little space until you return home. For longer breaks, a quick wash in the onsite facilities, or even a hand wash, followed by a speedy line dry in that glorious holiday sunshine will do the trick. You will feel like you’re winning at life knowing you’ll never run out of nappies throughout your trip and have to hunt down the nearest pharmacy or supermarket to top up on overpriced disposables.

To give you a little nudge and encourage you all to try travelling with TotsBots we are offering you 15% off our Bamboozle Kits this month. Have a gander at them while you're looking at the swim nappies for your next mini-break and beat that carbon footprint with cloth nappies.

Are you ready to try Bamboozle cloth nappies out for size?

Travelling with cloth nappies