TotsBots TeenyFit - Newborn Cloth Nappies Review

Coorie In with love TotsBots TeenyFit Tiny Baby Nappies review

Using cloth nappies on your newborn baby

Are you waiting on the arrival of a new bundle of joy and toying with the idea of using cloth nappies, but worried they will be too bulky on your newborn’s bum?  Worry no more as have a nappy exactly for that. All TotsBots cloth nappies are designed to be used from birth to potty, but for a neat newborn nappy, we have created TeenyFits.

Laurna from “Coorie in with love” was days away from meeting her little one and packing her hospital bag when we approached her to see if she’d be interested in doing a cloth nappies review for the TeenyFit  An experienced cloth nappy user, she jumped at the chance and got to it right away.

I need to start by saying I love these nappies! TotsBots were my favourite brand with my daughter too, but we never used TeenyFits. This time I had them ready and in my hospital bag for baby boy. The size of the TeenyFits makes them perfect for newborn babies. They go on as easy and as simple as a disposable but with a much better fit “.

About 70% of parents go for cloth nappies from day one usually opting for a birth to potty sized nappy. But it is worthwhile getting some TeenyFits in for the early days too especially as they fit so beautifully…and are totally adorable. With her little boy weighing in at just over 8lbs, Laurna loved the TeenyFits slender appearance, both on the bum and in the changing bag. She commented:

The size of the TeenyFits make them perfect for a newborn. No need to adjust poppers to get the fit right. They go on as easy and as simple as a disposable but so much better! And because they are smaller they are not too bulky either, both on the bum and in your change bag. Newborns like to poop a lot and need changed more often, so being able to get plenty of cloth nappies in your bag and not take up much space is perfect too. 

If you are worried about justifying the extra outlay for some TeenyFits remember they are only used for 3-4 months and do stay pristine. This means you can sell them on for 75% of what you paid for them and recoup your costs. It’s definitely worth considering. Just remember to keep one for the memory box, which is exactly what Laurna did:

It was so nice for his first nappy to be cloth. We chose twinkle for his first one as he was born at night. That one will be kept I think for the memory box

Thanks to Laurna and her little beau for taking the time to out of those busy newborn baby days to do this review for us. If you have a few minutes you can read the full review over on her blog. (ink to her blog here). Hopefully she has inspired you to give cloth a go from the start and you’ll soon be safe in the knowledge that you are keeping your baby’s bottom free from irritating chemicals and reducing your household waste too. TeenyFits are the perfect start to your eco-friendly parenting journey.

Find out more about TotsBots TeenyFit Cloth nappies, here.




Coorie In with love TotsBots TeenyFit Tiny Baby Nappies review