TotsBots Reusable Swim Nappy Prints

TotsBots Reusable Swim Nappies

Keep your little water baby cool and splash happy with our new reusable swim nappy prints!

Make sure your little one is comfortable enough to kick and splash when you hit the pool with our super soft swim nappies. Choose from our new colourful range of prints which are perfect for the pool or at the beach: Funshine, Hit the Hut, Lollibots, Wubbawing and Little Star!

Why do you need a swim nappy?

Everyday nappies aren’t suitable for swimming as they absorb water and make it difficult for your baby to move, so you need a specific swim nappy when you take your little one for a dip in your local pool.

Our reusable swim nappies won’t weigh your baby down and will give them the best protection against poo mishaps, stopping you from hanging your head in shame for years to come at your local pool because of an unwanted floater.

Here’s why…

Ditch the disposable swim nappy!

You’re probably tempted to go to the nearest supermarket and pick up a pack of disposable swim nappies…but would you take a swim in a single use plastic swimsuit? We wouldn’t! Apart from the fact that single-use nappies aren’t good for the environment; they can’t be good for delicate baby skin!

Protect your baby’s skin and go for a reusable swim nappy instead. Our design really comes into its own when it’s time to dry off and get changed as they have an easy hook & loop closure making it easier to get on and off, especially if there’s a poo hiding inside. Trying to pull down a poopy swim nappy over your baby’s legs when they are cold and wet is never easy…and not very enjoyable! We speak from experience on this one.

What size of swim nappy should I buy?

Our swim nappies are available in two sizes; size 1 fits from 10-20lbs and size 2 fits from 20-35lbs. Most customers buy size 2 and it lasts until their little swimmers are potty trained.

Pick your size and invest in a swim nappy for life.

TotsBots Reusable Swim Nappies