TotsBots reusable nappies - New prints!!

TotsBots Reusable Nappies Magic Garden Prints

Where will your Magic Garden reusable nappies take you?

Our reusable nappy print ranges always have a story - there’s method to the fluffy madness - a little sprinkle of inspiration from our children, a splash of creativity, a few cheeky little puns in there for good measure and the new main range is no different.

Inspired as always by the journey of childhood - we started years ago when our little ones were wee folk on our knees with Story Time, we bounced and clapped away to Rhyme Time, got down to their level for Play Time, and boogied unashamedly around the kitchen at Song Time. Now it’s the next step in the journey as we are put on our big welly boots and stomp out into the great outdoors. Introducing ‘Magic Garden’ a whimsical and adventurous range that celebrates the world at the bottom of the garden, who knows what you may find!

Mud becomes pies, a dandelion is a fairy, the trees become friendly giants and broken pots are turned into deluxe 5 story bug hotels. Getting outdoors not only gives little tots a good old dose of Vitamin D, it also encourages them to get creative, teaches independent play as they turn a blanket into a teddy bears picnic and gives you the opportunity to teach them where their food comes from as you plant a few seeds to watch them grow, together.

Every little moment is precious, the muddy faces, the wiggly worms taken indoors as a new family pet even the scraped knees. So join us as we scurry off into the great outdoors to create some memories in the back garden and let's explore our new magical new prints:

Wee Folk – (Are these possibly the cutest pixie pants ever btw?) Did you know according to the Icelandics the Wee Folk are all around us? Known as the hidden people they are supernatural beings that live in nature. Who is betting that if your partner looks the other way a little hidden nappy might just flutter into your basket? Hidden nappies & hidden folk; they are all super natural in our eyes!

Bearbum - A beary cute print and perfect for every little fluffy bum out there. When it’s time to paws for lunch just add a blanket and transform snack time into a Teddy Bears picnic with only the teddies and dolls for company. Pass us another slice of cake mum!

Wiggle – Creeping into a nappy stash near you is our buggiest print yet. Little ones are fascinated by creepy crawlies aren’t they, giving you endless hours of fun in the garden as you watch time and beasties fly?! Will you bee the first to get a wiggle in your basket? We think this will be very popular so don't leaf it too late!

Mucky Pups – Be kind to mudder earth with your mucky pups and get the overalls on as it is time to play “Pat a cake, pat a cake” in the mud. Will this print tempt you to splat out and add some more nappies to your stash?

One, Two, Pea –A new nappy for me!  We carrot believe how amazing this print turned out! A delicious homegrown veg patch teaches children where their food comes from and makes veggies fun but really what we want to know is if you will you beet the first to get this one OTB (On The Bum)

Ok, punfest over! It’s emotional to watch our babies grow from snuggly bugs cuddled up in our arms to adventurous independent explorers discovering and investigating every nook and cranny in the back garden. It does feel like our kids grow like grass at times; far too quickly and mostly when you are not looking, so get out in your own magic garden as much as you can, wherever or whatever it may be, and take a few minutes to stop and smell the roses.

The Magic Garden prints by TotsBots come in EasyFits and Bamboozle wraps and we cannot wait to see them on your little BearBums. Shop your favourite reusable nappy brand here.

TotsBots Reusable Nappies Magic Garden Prints