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Real parent Anekenwith her 5 kids, laughing in her garden. She's holding one twin and another child in her arms.

Real nappies are becoming increasingly more popular due to their environmental and budget conscious benefits, however the thought of getting started is often a daunting one. That's why here at TotsBots we believe it’s important to speak to parents in the know, who have shared similar experiences and can provide their own individual and impartial advice. This month our real parent interviewee is mum-of-five Aneken, who has been using TotsBots real nappies for almost four years now, including on her newborn twins! She shares her cloth journey with us - from how she discovered them, how she made the switch and right through to her top tips for newbies!  

A bit about Aneken 

Aneken is a stay-at-home mum to Clara (4 years), Pete (2 years), Koa (1 year) and the twins Yonna and Enna (6 weeks). Before she started a family she was a primary school teacher. Originally from Germany, she lives in London with her partner and in addition to loving being a mum, she also loves all things bright and colourful (if you pop over to her Instagram you will see what we mean). She has 4 bums in cloth at the moment but didn’t actually start until her first born (who is out of nappies now) was 22 months and almost potty training. And with each new arrival, she's been getting a head start with cloth earlier and earlier using cloth from the get go with her twins. She has been using same nappies for over 3 years and on her 5 children and has a mix of TeenyFits, EasyFits and Bamboozles.  

Can you remember when you first came across modern cloth nappies? 

When I first moved to the UK I was working as an au pair and the family I was with were using cloth nappies (it was a two-piece system but I can’t remember the brand). Previous to that I thought nappies were squares and wool covers (that is what my mum used to use in Germany).  

Do you think that is what inspired you to use cloth? 

Yes, definitely. I didn’t know anyone else using cloth when I started so wouldn’t have known about them otherwise. They used them full-time, apart from when they went on holiday when they used disposables. I was really surprised how easy they were and it stayed with me. 

What were your main reasons for choosing cloth 

Too much waste…and the cost! The first time we had 2 in nappies (and in disposables) we had to take rubbish around to our parent’s bins as ours were full, I couldn’t believe how much waste we had over such a short period of time, it was shocking and a big push to get going.  

What was your biggest worry about using cloth nappies? 

What to do with the poo! But I just started then realised it wasn’t bad at all. It’s like everything with becoming a parent, everyone emphasises the sleepless night and the poo, as if that’s all being a parent is, it’s funny to think that I worried about that now. I decided to use fleece liners so I just shake off poo into loo and wash the liners, they are great. If we have a really messy poo, our shower head reaches the toilet so I rinse the nappy before putting into the bucket. I use the TotsBots bucket by the way, and there are no smells! My partner really wasn’t into it, but he said ultimately was my decision as I was the one who was at home doing all the changing. He is finally into it now! 

How did you decided on which nappies to go for?  

I followed other cloth nappy parents on Instagram and asked them questions which was really helpful. That was where I found out about TotsBots; I was using another all-in-one brand that I got in the supermarket but was getting leaks. I bought 4 EasyFit nappies and they worked perfectly so began to grow my TotsBots collection from there. With my next baby I started at 4 months, and with my others I have gone from birth but used TeenyFits in the beginning as the babies have been early or small. 

What about the washing? 

It’s not as bad as everyone fears. I put on a wash every other day. First, I do a rinse with a water softener and then run a full wash cycle; I have a lot of nappies in a load (21 per day) so want to make sure they are properly cleaned. I don’t soak. I then either hang up or tumble dry as that keeps them fluffy. 

My nappy laundry is my favourite laundry and it always comes first! I love folding them and putting them away in cute little piles, they are so lovely and it’s quite therapeutic sorting through them all.  

What do you love most about using TotsBots 

It makes me feel good about my choices, proud even, that I’m doing something good. I also love the prints, they are so cute, especially the little bee print. The older kids love helping and choosing our next nappy.  

Has using cloth inspired you to make other eco choices? 

Definitely, yes, we used washable wipes and also I switched to reusable period pads. I couldn’t justify using throwaways after switching to cloth nappies. I also don’t have plastic toys for the kids.  

What advice would you give to new parents thinking about cloth? 

Firstly, I’d emphasise it’s no more difficult than changing disposables and to just do it. When I’m at playgroup and people notice that I’m using cloth they always say, “Oh my, how do you manage?” and if I can do it, anyone can. Also it’s never too late to give it a go.  

Secondly, I’d also say don’t stick with one brand if it isn’t working, not all nappies are the same. Search to see if there is a nappy library in your area. you can try all the different brands to help you decide which ones are best for you and your baby. 

Finally, don’t assume nurseries won’t use cloth, I worried about that but my nursery was so surprised when I showed them my TotsBots and are happy to use them with my little ones.


Wow 3.5 bums in cloth! That’s impressive. We wholeheartedly agree with Aneken; using reusable nappies isn’t all poo and washing. It’s cute, fluffy nappies, feeling good about your choices, reducing waste and saving money, and if she’s able to do it, anyone can!  

To follow Aneken on her cloth journey with her lovely brood (and especially her squishy newborn twins) here is her Instagram profile  

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Real parent Anekenwith her 5 kids, laughing in her garden. She's holding one twin and another child in her arms. 4 children including 2 newborn twins lying on a rug surrounded by a ring of colourful reusable nappies forming a colourful rainbow gradient Three babies lying on the floor on a yellow mat in totsbots reusable nappies Real Parent Aneken folding her reusable nappies Newborn twins in Totsbots reusable nappies lying on a brightly coloured totsbots mat on a carpeted floor.