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Raising a little one is hard. There’s definitely no baby-manual and every bubba is so unique! But a helping hand and a bit of advice can go a long way and reassure you that you’re doing an amazing job!  

We asked our fab TotsBots community to send in all their reusable nappy questions to our You Ask, We Answer Instagram stories session, and they delivered!  See if you can spot the question you want to ask below!   

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TotsBots You Ask, We Answer questions


The best TotsBots nappy for…

What nappy is best for major poo explosions?

All our nappies are great for keeping poonamis at bay! Our nappies have been specially designed with a stretchy leakproof waist that fits snuggly around the baby, so there’s less chance of leakage.

What Bamboozle size nappy would you recommend for the longest use?

We’d recommend the size 2 Bamboozle – it fits from 9lb to 35lb, so is the same as a standard birth-to-potty nappy!


TotsBots nappy fitting

What is the best way to fit a cloth nappy on a newborn regarding the umbilical cord?

Fitting the nappy slightly lower than normal at the belly button and angling the tabs down works really well.

When do you move up the nappy popper size? 

A great hack to know when it’s the right time to move the poppers (either up or down) is when you’re struggling to get a good fit or if you’re experiencing leakage.

What do I do if the Velcro is rubbing on baby’s skin?

Double-check that the Velcro tabs are straight, if they are, pop us an email with some pictures and we will help with fitting advice.

Do EasyFit nappies need to be boosted for some babies?

Generally, our EasyFits don’t need to be boosted BUT if your little one is a heavy wetter you may need to add a booster for extra absorbency.

How do I prevent leaks around the inside of my baby’s legs?

Try adding a booster or inner fold a booster to add extra absorbency to the front of the nappy.

How do I add a booster in the EasyFit? 

To add an extra booster, simply pop it into the pocket at the back of the nappy.



How many nappies should I pack for the hospital?

It depends how long you may be in the hospital for BUT always take more than you think for those newborn poos!

Why do bamboozles come in different sizes when they have poppers?

We love to make sure all little ones are super comfy in our nappies, so we have designed two Bamboozle nappy sizes. Why?  A Bamboozle which fits a 35lbs baby would be super bulky on a 6lb baby (even poppered down!).

What kind of nappy comes in the Scottish Baby Box?  

It is a version of our Bamboozle wrap and pad system, with one wrap and 5 microfibre pads.


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