TotsBots nappies pass Oeko-Tex class one certification

TotsBots Nappies pass Oeko-Tex Class One

Oeko-Tex certified Nappies – What it means for your baby

Oeko-Tex 100 update at TotsBots! We’re fluffed to bits to announce we’ve only gone and passed our annual audit with flying colours, making us the only reusable nappy company in the world to have a whole range of nappies and accessories with the top seal of approval and Standard 100 Oeko-Tex class 1 certification.

So what does Oeko-Tex actually mean for you and why is it so important for us to ensure TotsBots nappies are Oeko-Tex certified? In short, it’s your guarantee that there are no nasties in our products, production process, or most importantly next to your baby’s delicate skin.

With disposable nappies containing a shockingly large number of chemicals (around 60 including Dioxins, Carcinogens, VOC’s, bleaches, and Tributyl-Tin) you can be confident that you’re wrapping you little one in nothing but natural, harmful chemical free, fabrics when you see our Oeko-Tex logo appear across the TotsBots range. [Label graphic]

One of the world's most recognised standards for textiles, Oeko-Tex test for a number of regulated and non-regulated substances which may be harmful to human health. When the auditors from Shirley Technologies came to see us recently it’s safe to say, they left no popper unpopped. Every component used to make our nappies must comply with the rigorous testing criteria, that means all fabrics, components and materials, from the threads right down to the hook and loop go under the microscope, there’s even a section where our team are tested on their nappy handling skills, they were asked to balance 10 nappies on their head while packing orders (just kidding about the nappy skills, but sure we’d pass with flying colour on that one). We wouldn’t expect anything less from a globally recognised audit, and we go these extra lengths to guarantee no harmful chemicals are making their way onto your changing table, giving you the peace of mind that every time your baby wears a TotsBots nappy, there is not a nasty in sight.

Oeko-Tex measure all conceivable ways harmful chemicals could enter your baby’s body, whether that’s through direct contact with the skin, inhalation or ingestion. The tests look for banned substances and monitor harmful substances that could be present in textile materials. There are four product classes, with the Class 1 being the strictest as it specifically applies to products used next babies and toddlers skin. You may see other brands using the Oekotex logo but if you look closely to check, you may just see it’s a class 2 only and that it just applies to a single component of the garment, for example the towelling.

With Class 1, every component in a TotsBots nappy has undergone the rigorous lab testing to ensure they don’t possess any chemical risk to your baby. There are three main steps in the testing procedure:

  1. They look at direct skin contact and what is an acceptable and safe pH value. They also test for good colourfastness to ensure no transferring of dyes or residues make their way onto the skin.
  2. Next up is testing to ensure there are no solvents present in the products. Sometimes chemicals used in textile production can leave solvent residues and these are harmful to health. This also includes testing for any allergy inducing disperse dyes.
  3. Finally, they test to ensure legally banned or controlled substances aren’t present, for example, chemicals tested for at this stage are carcinogenic dyes, pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, phthalates, PFOS/PFOA, heavy metals such as lead, nickel, cadmium and mercury.

So, you can now breath a sigh of relief as you won’t find any of those things in a TotsBots. We jump through all those hoops so that you don't have to worry. Babies spend a lot of time being snuggled up inside a nappy and it’s important that you know they are safe and that their little bums are protected from all the nasties.

Meeting the criteria to achieve such a strict certification is no mean feat to achieve either. Our Operations Manager, Rhona, was super pleased to report that our processes, documentation and top organisation skills made the audit go so smoothly and our auditor was very impressed ‘’Having the official Oeko-Tex approval is brilliant for us as a brand and for families. It’s a testament to the care and attention we put into the design and manufacture of our products, and makes it clear to parents that when they choose TotsBots, they’re making the best choice for their baby.’’

So if you’re looking for nappies free from harmful chemicals, look out for the Oeko-Tex logo and make sure it’s Class 1, you’ll soon see that TotsBots are the only brand going that extra mile to look after your baby’s skin. Browse our range of nappies here and add a little TLC to change time.


TotsBots Nappies pass Oeko-Tex Class One