TotsBots Mum Siobhan On Reusable Nappies

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TotsBots Mum Siobhan on Reusable Nappies

Meet Siobhan and her beautiful little lady, Niamh. They came in to talk to us about their reusable nappy journey as part of our “Real Parents on Real nappies” blog series. She chatted with us for over an hour on why she chose cloth, why TotsBots and she also gave us some advice to pass on to you to hopefully help you on your own reusable nappy journey.

Siobhan wanted to use cloth primarily to help the environment as she hated how many nappies she was throwing away each day, however, it didn’t quite go to plan with her first baby. “I had wanted to use cloth nappies with my son, he was a very sicky baby and I felt unable to cope with the idea of the extra washing.  So I didn’t do it with him. This made me even more determined to use to cloth for my second baby, Niamh. Amazingly my sister gave me her old set of cloth nappies to try but they didn’t suit Niamh, then I met some mum’s through my breastfeeding group who were already using cloth (some TotsBots), and they encouraged me to try out some different brands.’’

After trying a few different brands Siobhan and Niamh found the perfect fit in TotsBots, and fell in love ‘They were so simple to use, but mainly so stretchy and comfy for Niamh, as well as really absorbent. I stocked up whenever there was a sale and soon we were using TotsBots 24 hours a day.’’ It’s great to hear that she managed to stuck to her original plan and she was keen to share that now Niamh’s at nursery, and they have been very happy to continue using TotsBots while she is there. They have even commented on how lovely the nappies are, as well as how simple they are to use.

“Looking back I really wish I’d used cloth first time around as they were so much easier than I thought. ’’

“The extra washing really isn’t a big deal. I’ve got into a routine to slot in that extra load every few days, even with two kids the washing still all gets done (and I hardly use my tumble drier!). You’ll love how much nicer cloth is on your baby’s bum, no chemical smell, and no nappy rash. Plus you can feel really great about how you are helping the environment.’’

We hear that quite often and we were so glad that she mentioned that. Instead of you having the wrong idea about the washing, having real advice and real stories from real parents shows you that it is always much easier than people think.

We hope you’ve found Siobhan's story helpful, and if you’d like to try out reusable nappies why not take her advice and go for it the first time around - hopefully you will be able to use them on a second baby, and save even more! The trial kits are a great starting point, with one of each of the nappy types to have a go and see just how easy it is.

Happy Nappying!

Siobhan & Niamh x

TotsBots Mum Siobhan on Reusable Nappies