TotsBots Mum India on Reusable Nappies

TotsBots Mum India on Reusable Nappies.

India and her scrummy little grublet Frankie visited us to tell us all about their love of reusable nappies. We had a chat about why she made the switch to cloth, why she chose TotsBots and what advice she has for other parents considering using reusable nappies, read on to find out all about their story.

India made the switch to reusable nappies mainly due to the environmental reasons. She didn’t want to contribute to landfill and knew enough that using cloth could make a big difference to the amount of waste her family produces. Choosing cloth couldn’t be easier and when it means protecting the world your baby will inherit by reducing your carbon footprint by almost 40%, you will never feel bad about making that choice.

There are a lot of different brands out there and the costs can mount up trying them all out to find the right nappy for you. So, how do you then choose what reusable nappies to use without spending a fortune? Ethical manufacturing is often high up on parents’ list and this was the key reason India chose TotsBots. She said ‘’I love that TotsBots are made locally to me in Glasgow. Shopping locally at independent businesses is the best way to go! Also the prints are so cute.’’ Thanks for your support India, we have always been proud of the fact we manufacture in the UK and are even prouder that we are no more expensive.

So look no further, our award winning nappies have won more awards than all other nappy brands put together,  take India’s advice and ‘’Give them a go! Even if you use one cloth nappy a day, it’s 365 in a year not going to landfill. You don’t have to do a lot to make a big change.’’ You can try a trial pack for half-price to give you a feel for our nappy types, or why not go for a mini kit? 2 EasyFit STARs and a pack of liners, one for on the bum and one for the wash and you’ll be on your way to reducing your waste in no time.

Happy nappying!

India & Frankie xo

For more advice on choosing and using reusable nappies watch our little how to movies here.

TotsBots Mum India on Reusable Nappies.