Why should I buy products Made in the UK?

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Why should I buy products Made in the UK?

No one can deny the internet has made the world feel smaller and we can easily buy things that aren’t made in the UK. But… should you?  

We're hearing the call to shop local a lot more but apart from buying veg from the greengrocers instead of Tesco's, what else can we do?

At TotsBots, our reusable nappies are designed and made in the UK so when you shop with us, you’re not only helping save the planet but you’re shopping local too.

Benefits to you - Quality & Aftercare

We know quality is super important when you’re buying for your own tots. You want only the fluffiest, softest fabrics against your baby’s skin and you definitely don’t want to compromise on performance or quality.

We’re massively hung up on quality and our Head of Garment Tech & Quality, Libby, is a stickler for detail. Nothing leaves the factory without Libby’s say-so but if you’re not happy for any reason, buying products that are made in the UK also means you can usually contact the manufacturer directly. No random call centre in some far-off land, or worse, a chat bot – we’re always happy to answer your questions here at TotsBots and you’ll get a real human too, Laura (our customer service superstar) will sort it out for you!

Environmental Benefits – Reduced Carbon Footprint

Short of sprouting wings, there’s no environmentally friendly way for your TotsBots nappy to get to you by air. It’s one of the most polluting modes of transport and by choosing products made in the UK, you’re significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Go you!

Benefits to the UK economy

Buying from companies that manufacture in the UK creates job opportunities in local areas, as well as providing skills to future generations. It feels great to be one of the few growing manufacturing businesses in the UK, keeping skills alive that would otherwise be long lost overseas.

TotsBots is proud to produce all our reusable nappies, with carefully selected Oeko-tex-certified textiles right here at our factory and HQ in Glasgow.

Being based in the UK means we provide jobs in the UK for skilled machinists, cutters, warehouse and office staff. We love supporting the local community and paying our taxes to support the whole country.

Other UK manufacturers who deserve some love

Now you’re sold on buying from businesses that manufacture in the UK, here are some of our favourites:

Picture to Puppet

This Edinburgh-based company creates fantastically unique toys and puppets from reclaimed and reused fabric. One of their specialties is creating imaginative, hand-made toys from kids’ drawings – fab!

Funky Feet 

This kids’ clothing brand is based in rural Shropshire, where everything is still hand-made with love by Jane and her small team of local seamstresses. The super cute penguin slippers are a firm favourite in the TotsBots office!

Wild Things

Lancashire-based Wild Things are a kids’ clothing brand with a strong personality! From dresses and dungarees to capes (do they come in adult sizes?!), their creations are as unique as your little one is.  

Go check them all out, you may just find another made in UK gem, and let us know of any others that deserve a TotsBots shout-out!

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