TotsBots hit the high street!

Boots cloth nappies in store

We're fluffed to bits and doing a little nappy dance to announce that TotsBots reusable nappies are now available in 440 Boots stores throughout the UK, yay!

We’re betting our boots that reusables are about to become even more popular as they will be more accessible and readily available for parents to pick up as part of their baby essentials shop. Whether it’s milk, Infacol, or mastitis meds, Boots is a regular hangout for new parents, and we’re excited to be able to tempt more of them to make the switch to zero-waste nappy alternatives.

We’re really proud that Boots, a major high-street retailer, has picked TotsBots to grace the top shelves in the nappy aisle.  It’s a real credit to the brand and testament to the fact that UK made, ethical manufacturing and dedication to quality wins the day.

The stores will be stocking a selection of best-selling TotsBots EasyFits, disposable liners, reusable wipes and wetbags, the perfect selection to entice eco conscious parents over to the fluffy side.

With around 3 billion single-use nappies being disposed of annually representing 2-3% of all household waste, now is the time to rethink reusables. TotsBots nappies not only help parents to reduce single use nappy waste, but now that we only use recycled polyester in our nappies- the first reusable nappy brand to make the switch btw-  parents can reduce, reuse and recycle, one nappy change at a time!

Fiona Smyth our founder is absolutely delighted that reusables are finally making some noise on the high street;

“We have spent 19 years developing, manufacturing and selling sustainable and environmentally friendly nappies, inspiring and enabling parents to make choices that have a positive environmental impact for the future of their children. In the early days, reusables were a very hard sell but as the war on plastic grows, we are seeing more and more parents actively looking to make the switch. We are really excited to be teaming up with Boots as by having such a large and respected high street presence, it will now be easier than ever to tempt parents to make the switch.”

Have you spotted us in store yet? Head to your local Boots and fill your fluffy boots with Easyfits, Liners and Waterproof Wet/Dry bags. Bonus points if you can convince another parent in store to make the switch to reusable nappies too. 

Want to know if TotsBots Reusable Nappies are in your town? View the full store list here.

Boots cloth nappies in store