TotsBots are ethically made in the UK

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Did you know that TotsBots cloth nappies are ethically made in the UK?

Who is ready for a quick history lesson?! The UK went through an industrial revolution in the late 18th Century which helped with the economic growth of Great Britain. However, from the latter half of the 20th Century, manufacturing in the UK has been in a steady decline.

Whilst on the whole, manufacturing in the UK is in decline we are proud that we can continue to produce all our reusable nappies, with carefully selected Oeko-tex certified textiles right here in our factory and HQ in Glasgow.

In this economic climate, we are honoured to provide jobs in the UK for skilled machinist, cutters as well as our warehouse and office staff. Supporting not only the local community but also paying our taxes to support the whole country. It's awesome to be one of the few growing manufacturing businesses in the UK.

There’s no doubt that the availability of cheaper products and materials from overseas has led to a decline in ‘buying British’, but it’s not all about cost. As all the production of our nappies happens here, all under one roof we can walk onto our production floor and check quality control procedures.

We aren't the only company who still manufacture in the UK. Here are a few of our favourites...

Orchard Toys puzzles and jigsaws are a hit with the little ones at Team TotsBots. Their Rescue Squad puzzle is a favourite with Lizzie’s littlest and they have the perfect range of toys for Christmas!

Shmuncki make gorgeous baby clothes that are trendy but comfortable for little ones. Made from safe and breathable fabrics that are Oekotex certified (just like our nappies!) they make the perfect gift for those who like traditional designs with a contemporary twist.  If you haven't already heard of them, pop over to their website for a nosey.

Another great gift and a favourite with Team TotsBots are these fab All Season Baby Hoodies from Morrck. Perfect for making sure your little ones are kept snug and safe in the car, Morrck's hooded travel wrap is shaped to fit neatly into standard car seats (up to age 4) pushchairs, bouncy or swing chairs and even infant supermarket trolley seats. No bulky snow-suits or padded jackets required this winter! They come in a great range of colours and thicknesses and are suitable for all weathers both at home and on holiday!

FunkyFeet are yet another company proud to manufacture in the UK. We think these gorgeous soft mouse slippers would look wonderful with our Bamboozle nappy system in Hickory Dickory Dock. Why not buy both as stocking fillers for your little one?

Little Shrimp make beautiful hats and comforters which are manufactured in the UK, and like TotsBots are Oeko-tex certified. This Potted Shrimp Hat is just as bright as our Poppet Easyfit and the two would make the perfect new baby present for a boy or girl!

To celebrate almost 15 years of manufacturing here in the UK, we're giving you the chance to WIN goodies from Morrck & Shumncki in addition to a brand new Bamboozle Nappy of your choice - what are you waiting for??

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