TotsBots Dad Rob on Reusable Nappies.

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TotsBots Dad Rob on Reusable Nappies.

This is the second Blog in our series on Dads and their experiences with reusable nappies. We find that a lot of the time it is Mums who lead the switch and felt it was important to share Dad’s views too to help encourage parents to make the switch together.

So, meet Rob and his beautiful blue-eyed boy, Fraser. They came in for the photoshoot in August and we had a good old blether about reusable nappies and how they were getting on with it all.

Here is what Rob had to say: “When Fraser was born, we started with disposable nappies as hadn't really given much thought to other options.  When we discovered that it takes 500 years per nappy for disposables to decompose, we knew we had to look into more eco-friendly options. For us, reusable nappies were the best choice as it gave us a kind-to-the-environment, kind-to-baby (& kind-to-the-wallet!) and user-friendly option. Also they're for Fraser, we want to make the best decision for his future.”

Once they’d made the decision to use reusable nappies, they researched the various brands and came across TotsBots on instagram (#clothnappies). When they saw we were a local, family-run company who make products in the UK and that we had also a huge heap of awards, they ordered a trial pack. They tried other reusable nappy brands too but found the absorbency/containment wasn't as good as TotsBots. They were also really impressed with how easy they are to use and care for.

We asked him what advice he would give to other parents considering which brand to go for and he suggested finding a local Cloth Nappy Library as it’s a great way to see and try different types of reusable nappies and speak to other parents using cloth. 

He also suggested watching online reusable nappy videos. He found our videos (see them here) really useful but also made their decision by watching lots of YouTube videos.

So massive thanks to Rob for coming in to see us with his lovely baby, Fraser, and for taking the time to share his reusable nappy experiences with us. We think his advice is great, find a cloth nappy library where you will be able to try a small selection of TotsBots for free or a small weekly fee, get a trial pack and off you go to take your first step in diverting 4000 nappies from landfill.

Happy Nappying!

Rob & Fraser x


P.S Are you a cloth dad? Do you love spreading the awesomeness of TotsBots? We want to hear from you. It’s so useful to parents who are considering using reusable nappies to hear from cloth nappy parents, share you’re story with us and you could feature in our next Real Parents post.

TotsBots Dad Rob on Reusable Nappies.