TotsBots Dad Neil on Reusable Nappies

Reusable Nappies

Meet Neil and his adorable teeny squishy Viola who has used reusable nappies from birth. Neil is the third Dad to be featured as part of our fab Real Parents Blog series. We hear a lot from Mums and a lot of the time its mums who take the lead, so having Dads as part of this series is equally as important to get the message out there and we hope with Neil’s help we can convince more Dads to choose reusable nappies.

We chatted about why he chose cloth to begin with, he mentioned it was for a number of reasons but the two main ones, and most importantly for him, were the positive environmental impact of using reusable nappies and the cost benefits. ‘’Looking at the long-term cost and environmental effect of disposable nappies, it made so much more sense to go with cloth.’’ He’s right too; using reusable nappies on your baby will divert up to 4000 disposable nappies from landfill and reduce a lot of waste.  Neil also thought they were such a worthwhile investment as the savings really do stack up quite quickly, up to £750 per child, and that increases even further you go on to use them for more than one child.

Once the decision was made to use reusable nappies, the next decision was which brand to choose. For Neil, it was relatively easy, both he and his partner Sheila were drawn to the bright funky prints and once they discovered that we make all our nappies right here in Glasgow, it was game over! ‘’We chose TotsBots because we really loved the designs, and it was a business that was local to us, so it made it so much easier to choose TotsBots knowing that they were right here on our doorstep!’’


What advice does our TotsBots dad have for you if you’re considering reusable nappies? ‘’Check out cloth nappy groups and meet-ups in your area.’’ They’re full of like-minded parents, who have been using reusable nappies for years and you can get great advice about what to use and how to use them. Find a nappy library near you here: and why not join our online community ‘Behind The Seams’, it’s a closed Facebook group where you can talk TotsBots and reusable nappies all day long, get your questions answered by other parents and our team are on there too, so check it out.

Huge thanks to Neil and Viola for visiting and chatting to us, for their brilliant advice and telling us their story. We hope this has helped nudge you onwards with your journey into reusable nappies. Why not start off your story with a trial pack? You get one each of our nappy types and it gives you a taste of how easy using reusable nappies is. Go on, your bin man will thank you for it!

Happy Nappying!

Neil & Viola x

Reusable Nappies