TotsBots Dad James on reusable nappies

TotsBots Dad James advice on reusable nappies

Real Dad reviews on using reusable nappies

James and his lovely little boy Elliot came to TB HQ to tell us all about their journey so far with TotsBots reusable nappies. We absolutely love meeting the people who use cloth and hearing all about your reasons for not only choosing reusable nappies but also why you chose us.

For James, it was his wife Laura that initiated the look into switching to reusable nappies. ‘I hadn’t really thought about nappies at all, but we do have a cat and with cat litter already filling our bin, anything to reduce our waste was going to be a bonus. I didn’t realise that reusable nappies had come on so much. I was a bit reluctant at first as I thought that they would be difficult to put on, but I was swayed to try them with the new designs.’  It’s not all about the terry square anymore, we have moved with the times and 18 years down the line, things have really moved on to ensure you get the best possible reusable nappies for your baby. 

When you decide you want to give reusable nappies a go but not sure which ones to go for, test driving different brands is a great way to see what works for you. James and his wife found a Nappy Library to help them do just that. ‘We hired a nappy kit and tried a lot of different brands to see what we liked and what worked. TotsBots was the favourite brand for both of us so that’s what we purchased.” James went on to say ‘I thought they were the easiest out of all the brands to put on and we also got a really good fit compared to other brands.’  

For anyone thinking that you need to be an origami pro to be a cloth nappy parent this is where you are wrong, our reusable nappies are no-nonsense, so even for the wriggliest of babies, they are hassle-free to pop on. Our EasyFit reusable nappies are designed to go on just like a disposable, the only difference is you wash them.

James found that he was more impressed with how robust our nappies felt compared to disposables. TotsBots are designed to stand the test of time (and poonami’s) too.  ‘I really liked the quality of TotsBots nappies. I also loved the fact that they were made in Scotland. There are reusable nappies which are made in China and that was a bit off-putting, especially when you have something with fewer air miles involved on offer.’ YES to that James supporting made in the UK is great and another way of reducing your carbon footprint.

Having made the decision to make the switch we wanted to find out if they went the whole hog. ‘We use them full time, so yes out and about and at night time too. We actually dread if there is ever a need to use disposable nappies as we always get leaks. We’ve had no leaks with our cloth nappies, even at night. We find the Bamboozles much better than disposables. Because the nappies are more robust, they are easier to adjust and quicker to change too.’ Thanks to our elasticated waist and leg bands, leaks should become a thing of the past and their poo containment is excellent, so no more poo up the back or full outfit changes!

We know we will sing the praises of reusable nappies to anyone who stands still long enough, and it sounds like James jumped on the soapbox too. ‘I mention it to a lot of people in work and there have even been a few dads who have considered it or at least given it a go. A lot of them have heard of cloth nappies but generally think that they are loads more work than using disposables, I reassure them it’s not’.

Ask any cloth nappy parent if he or she has a favourite print or a vision of one they would like to see hit the online shop, and James was no different ‘My favourite is the one with the buses (London, his wife corrected him #numberonefan) if I were to design one then I would go for a beach theme with crabs and sandcastles. (Laura guessed something Marvel related but he corrected her and went for something a bit different!)

 So, a big fluffy thank you, James and Elliot for coming in to show off their love of reusable nappies.

Happy Nappying!

James & Elliot x

Are you looking into making the switch but your partner needs convincing? Send them over to our real parent's blogs for a little reassurance from the front line of TotsBots reusable nappies.

TotsBots Dad James advice on reusable nappies