TotsBots Cloth Nappies - an Ethical Consumer Best Buy

TotsBots cloth nappies - EthicalConsumer Best Buy

Shopping for sustainable and ethical baby products

We’re super-duper proud that TotsBots cloth nappies have been awarded the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label. We work really hard to manage our supply chains and ensure that we are operating ethically with minimal impact to the environment. The Best Buy label is only awarded to companies with excellent environmental and ethical records and we’re happy to say that TotsBots cloth nappies principle values are recognised; we want to make the best nappies in the world, in the kindest way possible to our planet, while inspiring and enabling people to make choices that have a positive environmental impact for our future. It’s a real affirmation of the conscious effort that we make every day as a brand. All the fluff, sweat and tears over the last 19 years have been worth it to make a difference to the world that we live in, and we will continue to seek feedback and make improvements as part of our ongoing ethical journey, ensuring that we are always a trusted brand for parents around the globe.

So why is the Ethical Consumer Label important and why should we shop ethically?

The Ethical Consumer Best Buy label helps people choose genuinely ethical products by giving them peace of mind that they are supporting eco-friendly businesses and helping them become a more conscious consumer, both pre and post purchase. Their extensive database evaluates both the ethical record of the brand and the environmental impact of the products themselves to ensure the claims that are made by the company are in fact honest. The team at Ethical Consumer believe that awarding brands and products this label will help prevent shoppers from falling for ethical and environmental claims that turn out to be untrue. Anyone can label their product as organic or ethical as a marketing strategy to make people believe that they are doing their bit for the environment, but not everyone can back these claims up so we’re totally honoured to have been awarded such a prestigious ethical label.

We've been manufacturing nappies for 19 years and genuinely do care about the planet and what people put next to their little one’s skin. It's nothing new for us and isn’t part of a jumping on the bandwagon strategic marketing message, it’s simply what we believe in and it’s really easy for you to join our mission too and make the world a fluffier place to pee in by choosing reusables for your baby!

“When you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want”. Anna Lappe, Sustainable food advocate

Voting for the world you want your baby to grow up in is important and more and more parents are starting to choose products that are not only best for baby, but also best for the environment. Choosing to reduce and reuse with TotsBots can put a big tick on that ethical shopping list and give you a warm fuzzy feeling at change time knowing you’re not throwing thousands of nappies into landfill but choosing an ethical alternative instead.

Ethical products are made in a safe environment. If you buy a product that is not ethically manufactured, then you may be supporting unfair working conditions and other unethical business practices. TotsBots reusable nappies are made with love in our Glasgow factory, with some of our machinists being with us from the very beginning. They’re a really talented bunch with ninja style sewing skills (you should see their seamless last op manoeuvre!) and quality is as important to them, as it is to us. They take pride in their work and are proud to work for a trusted, ethical baby brand.

Earlier this year we were contacted by Ethical Consumer as one of their trusted ethical brands to do a Q & A and our founders Fiona and Magnus were more than happy to chat and share our story. Read all about how we got started and why we choose to manufacture in the UK, plus hear what we have to say about greenwashing and the so called ‘eco-disposables’ HERE .

TotsBots cloth nappies - EthicalConsumer Best Buy