TotsBots Black Friday Top Picks

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Here at TotsBots, we truly believe in only buying what you need, even when it comes to half price reusable nappies, it can be easy to go overboard just for the sake of a bargain. We also understand that for some, Black Friday is the only time they are able to purchase some of the things they desperately need, or want! We'd love your support this Black Friday, with our 55% off (almost) everything, there are plenty of bargains to be had!


Our Top Picks


Christmas Collection

We have to kick things off with our Christmas collection, it's nearly time where it's acceptable to put the tree up right?! Our Christmas range includes our all-in-one EasyFit Nappies, Bamboozle Wraps and Muslins. Why not add some festive cheer to your little ones fluff collection? Shop our Chrismas range here.


Essential Accessories

From changing mats to reusable wipes, we've got you covered! If your looking to dip your toe into the reusable world, our reusable wipes are the perfect starting point. Made from soft bamboo, they are not only super soft and gentle for your babies skin, once you're little one no longer needs them, you can reuse them for around the house! Shop our essential accessories here.

Complete Nappy Kits

The complete cloth nappy kit has enough washable nappies to go reusable full time!

With a mix of EasyFit all-in-one cloth nappies, which are perfect for quick changes during the day and Bamboozle two-part nappies to keep baby leak-free for up to 12 hours each night, this kit is an all rounder!

Fits 8-35 lbs. 

  • 1 x Wet Bag
  • 2 x Mesh Laundry Bags
  • 1 x Nappy Bucket
  • 1 x Potion Nappy Wash
  • 1 x Roll of Disposable Liners
  • 2 x Bamboozle Wraps (9-35 lbs)
  • 4 x Bamboozle Stretchies (9-35 lbs)
  • 10 x Reusable Fleece Liners
  • 15 x EasyFits (8-35 lbs)

You can get a complete nappy kit for just £144 in our Black Friday sale - shop here.

Trial Kits

If you're new to whole concept of reusable nappies, why not try one of our reusable nappy trial kits? Our Bamboozle Night-Time nappy set is a great starting point as this set has 4 changes worth of nappies, and will keep your little one dry for up to 12 hours. Plenty of parents start out just using reusable nappies at night time, until they have the confidence in their routine to start using them full time - you create your own rules when it comes to reusables and how you fit them into your routine! You can shop our Bamboozle Night-Time nappy set for just £36.00 here.

So there we have it, our top picks for this Black Friday, from half price reusable nappies to a sprinkling of festivity with our Christmas collection, we have something for everyone! By supporting TotsBots, you are supporting a sustainable and ethical brand, made in Glasgow, Scotland with love by our amazing team. Shop 55% off (almost) everything at