Top Five Tips for Sustainable Parenting

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Top 5 Tips for Sustainable Parenting

Babies need a lot of stuff, and that can be an overwhelming thought for would-be sustainable parents. But don’t worry, there’s almost always an eco-friendly version of the must-haves your bub needs. Our top five tips share simple ways you and your little one can do your bit for the planet.

1. The Gift of Sustainability

Friends and family often want to show how much they love you and your new arrival. And how do they show their love? Often with a pile of plastic presents. Eek. But it’s not their fault! Because those big businesses have worked their marketing magic, society has been conditioned to show affection through consumerism.

Speak to your loved ones about your passion for reducing waste and suggest alternative eco-friendly presents like:

  • Contributions to a larger must-have item you’re saving for… like reusable nappies
  • A day out for baby (and a rest day for you!)
  • Vouchers to be spent once you know exactly what you need
  • Some home-cooked meals or a selection of yummy home bakes
  • Nothing at all! It might feel uncomfortable the first time, but normalising your loved ones’ presence over presents will soon top any material gift.

2. A Reusable Nappy Revolution

How could we not mention our reusable nappies?! Did you know that disposable nappies take up to 500 years to decompose and that so-called "bio-degradable" nappies don't actually break down in landfill? We think that stinks! Converting to TotsBots cloth nappies:

  • Halves your weekly rubbish
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by 40%
  • Protects the world your baby will inherit

TotsBots are the only reusable nappy brand to be completely Oeko-Tex 100-certified — meaning absolutely no harmful chemicals next to your bubba’s delicate bottom. Plus, we’re the proud owners of an Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label, a unique award that helps parents choose genuinely ethical products and services.

3. Brand New to You

The more we shop for second-hand items, the less demand there is for new products to be manufactured. Plus, there’s nothing like that stars-aligning moment when you find the exact thing you were looking for in a second-hand shop.

These days, it’s not always convenient to rummage through the charity racks. Luckily, thanks to the dawn of second-hand internet shopping, you can now close the waste gap from the comfort of your home! Before buying something new, check out:

  • Community Facebook groups (full of freebies and pre-loved TotsBots items!)
  • Oxfam Online
  • Gumtree and eBay

4. Time to Go Organic

When you can’t shop second-hand, choosing certified organic products is the next best step. Conventional cotton is one of the most polluting crops in the world. But ethical organic production is here to change that! Compared to conventional cotton products, organic cotton:

  • Uses 91% less water
  • Emits 46% less greenhouses gasses
  • Uses 62% less energy
  • Has 70% less potential for acid rain

Organic clothing isn’t just good for the environment, it improves the lives of the factory workers and farmers further down the supply chain too. Our organic muslins are a must-have baby essential, plus our sister company, Frugi is certified organic too. This means their entire supply chain has met the highest social and environmental standards. Read more about organic cotton by downloading the Soil Association Textile Report.

5. Cook up a Sustainable Storm

Parenting is knackering and pre-packaged baby food is super-convenient. But we’re in this sustainable parenting game for the long-haul, so let’s dust off that blender and get cooking. Preparing your own baby food is one of the most sustainable ways you can wean your wee one and it saves you money, too! When cooking at home, remember to:

  • Ditch any salt and spices
  • Cook in big batches and freeze separate portions
  • Utilise your slow cooker and get on with your day

And for those inevitable cannot-blend-another-carrot days, opt for a glass jar of baby food (glass can be recycled and reused infinitely) and give yourself a break. Sustainable parenting takes time and you’re doing great! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If we all take small steps towards sustainability, big things will happen!