Top Five Reasons to Choose Cloth Nappies

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Can’t decide whether to use cloth nappies on your little one?

We’ve narrowed down our favourite reasons to switch so you can see the top advantages in one fluffy place.

Cloth Nappies Save You Cash

There’s nothing like saving money to motivate change. And although going full-time with cloth nappies does have an upfront cost of up to £300, the initial investment soon pays off. By switching to reusables, you can save up to £750 when compared to the cost of disposable nappies. That’s a great amount to transfer into your ISA...or to spend on treats for yourself. Go on… you deserve it!

TotsBots offer Klarna as a payment method to make the upfront costs easier. By letting customers choose how and when to pay, Klarna opens the door to eco-friendly investments for everybody. Yay!

They Perform Better than Disposables

No leaks here, thank you! TotsBots award-winning cloth nappies have been rigorously tested to ensure they perform better than disposables. Think about it — disposable nappies are literally created to be thrown away. But not ours! Our robust reusable nappies are manufactured to last for years. Just check out our awards and customer testimonials!

Our Bamboozle night-time nappy keeps your little one leak-free for up to 12 hours. No wonder it’s won the Mother & Baby Best Reusable Nappy award ten times — more than any other reusable nappy brand put together.

Cloth Nappies are Easy to Wash (really!)

The question we get asked most about cloth nappies is “how do I deal with the poo?”. And the answer? Liners! Pop a disposable or fleece liner into the nappy, lift the liner out at change time, then tip any poo in the loo. All that’s left to do is put the liner in the bin or wash reusable ones with your cloth nappies.

When it comes to washing your cloth nappies, just remember “Clean in Fifteen”. All it takes is five minutes to pop your nappies in the wash, five minutes to hang them up to dry and five minutes to put them away. While the washing cycle’s on, you can get on with your day. Easy!

  • Store any used nappies and liners in a lidded bucket or waterproof nappy bag
  • Wash at up to 60 degrees with non-bio powder - our Potion wash to get your nappies sparkling at 30 degrees
  • Don’t use fabric softener because this reduces their absorbency

They’re Planet-Friendly

This is one of the all-time top motives to choose cloth nappies. We wanted to ease you into the wonderful world of reusables with some less frightening reasons but we had to get here eventually. In the UK, three billion disposable nappies are thrown away every year — and each stays in landfill for 500 years or gets incinerated. Using cloth nappies means your baby will use just 15-25 nappies instead of 3,650.

The UK Environment Agency estimated that an average disposable nappy would result in a global warming impact of approximately 550 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents over the two and a half years a child is typically in nappies. By using reusables, this impact is reduced by a huge 40%!

Here are some tips to reduce your carbon footprint even further:

  • Line dry outside whenever possible
  • Tumble dry as little as possible
  • Choose A+ rated washing machines
  • Don’t wash above 60°C
  • Wash fuller loads
  • Reuse cloth nappies on other children

Cloth Nappies are Blooming Adorable!

TotsBots prints are inspired by the magic of childhood — and this is what makes our cloth nappies so much more special than clinical-looking disposables. We want you to create memories with your little one at change time, whether you take a trip to imagination land with our magical prints or remember childhood songs. With TotsBots washable nappies, change time becomes playtime, not another chore.

Are you ready to give cloth nappies a whirl? Pick up a 40% off Trial Nappy Kit to test out a selection of our best-selling nappies before committing to a full-time bundle. Happy nappying!