Our top 5 products for the early weeks

Every baby store and website has a list of 'things you need' for the baby and every parent will tell you something different that they couldn't live without, whilst pointing out something on the list that they never ever used.  Each baby is unique and we all make different parenting decisions. We thought we would share our favourite products for the first few weeks. This is by no means a definitive list  but they are the things that made our lives easier when we had a newborn.

Cloth nappies clearly make the list and we think our Teenyfits are the perfect first nappy for your baby. They are slim fitting, designed for newborns and did we mention that they look utterly scrummy on a teeny baby bot too??

Muslin squares may be one of those things that you are not sure how you will use before the baby arrives, but  several members of the TotsBots team found them invaluable with their new additions.  From using as a burp cloth, a breastfeeding cover, a makeshift cloth nappy booster, a spare sheet for the cot, a comforter for baby, a thin blanket and then a bib as the baby gets older, we couldn't do without them.

A good sling can make all the difference in those early weeks, especially if you have a baby that likes to be held or suffers with reflux. We think the Papoozle is ideal for new babies (as well as not so new ones) as it is supportive for mama and baby as well as incredibly comfortable. Whether you use it instead of a pram to keep baby snug out and about or around the house so you can get on with chores whilst your baby is comforted, a good sling is a purchase you won't regret.

A sports top water bottle may not have been top of your shopping list, but actually it is rather genius for those early days.  However you feed your baby, you will probably find yourself a little nest - somewhere to get cosy with a pillow to support your arm/baby's head and some snacks, and a sports top bottle means you won't be worried about spilling a drink.  If you are breastfeeding it is important to keep hydrated and if your drink is ready and waiting you are less likely to forget! Fiona just gifted the office team a Bobble water bottle each to reduce waste and make water taste better!

Lansinoh and reusable breast pads (ok we cheated and put two here but they go together). If we are putting soft cloth next to our baby's skin, then we want soft cloth next to our skin too, and reusable breast pads not only save you money but are less scratchy and make life that bit more comfortable with a newborn. Lansinoh was voted the best nipple cream by the TotsBots mamas as it didn't need to be washed off before feeds and relieved discomfort in the early days.

What was your 'must have' for those early weeks?