Pip Stewart on days out with baby

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WIllow at the beach

We caught up with adventurer and mum, Pip Stewart, about her top tips for discovering the great outdoors with a baby: From reusable nappies to the best family days out.

Hi Pip, please tell us a little about yourself and your family…

I am a mum, partner, adventurer and writer! I’m a hippy at heart, with a love for travel, meditation, health and wellbeing. I am a firm believer that connecting with people and the outdoors is good for the soul.

I seek to tell stories with heart and have recently published a book called, Life Lessons from the Amazon, which will be out in September – exciting!

When I’m not writing, I’m enjoying fun family time with my husband and daughter, Willow.

What essential items do you pack for a day out with Willow?

Snacks and water, a spare pair of clothes (because let’s face it, puddles and mud are like magnets for toddlers), a hat, suncream, sunglasses (although the chances of them staying on are slim), a book, nappies and our nappy bag.

Do you find it convenient to use reusable nappies when you are out and about with Willow?

To be honest, it’s no different really to using disposables because if you’re out and about you still have to find a bin or put the dirty one in a bag to throw away later. I think one of the misconceptions about reusables is that they’re a bit of a faff but I didn’t see much of a difference really - you just pop them in the wash not the bin. Winner. 

Which toddler accessory could you not live without?

Books. Willow devours them (literally in some cases given how chewed the corners are). It’s such a great go-to on a car journey as she entertains herself by flicking through the pictures. 

What’s your favourite thing about adventuring outdoors with Willow?

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes. We live close to the beach and it’s amazing how much more you see when you stop and travel at her pace. She’s constantly picking up rocks or analysing seaweed and I’m always like “Woha, how did I not notice how beautiful the little things in life really are?”

Have you got any top tips for family days out with little ones?

Our current mantra is “do one thing well” each day. When we’ve tried to do too much there’s often been a meltdown. We find we’re all happiest when we’re not trying to rush from one thing to another and can really enjoy what we’re doing in the moment.  

Where is your favourite go to spot for a day in the fresh air as a family?

We’re super lucky that we live by the sea and we love to walk from East Wittering down to East Head, in West Wittering. That being said, we recently did a motorhome journey up to Northumberland and the beach at Bamburgh Castle was insane. We’d definitely love to go back.  

What have you learnt so far about exploring the great outdoors with a toddler in tow?

Let them lead you. Ironically, by encouraging their adventurous spirit you end up exploring the world with new eyes too. 

Great tips! Thank you Pip.


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WIllow at the beach